Amin E Kader

Professor Emeritus

CB 315

Amin Kader has been at Augsburg College since 1974. He enjoys teaching at Augsburg because of its “smallness and liberal arts atmosphere.” He said mentorship has always been an important part of his educational experience, from being a student himself to his being a mentor for the students he has in his classroom today.

Kader has played a significant role in building the foundation and leading the growth of the department throughout the past two decades, and of the atmosphere of respect and dignity that he fostered among faculty and students.

He is the past president of the Islamic Center of Minnesota, publications chair for the Islamic Center of Minnesota and teaches Islamic studies at Augsburg.

Kader is also a frequent guest on news and media programs in the Twin Cities.

An Amin E. Kader Business Scholarship for $10,000 has been established, in recognition for Kader’s 30 years of service at Augsburg. The scholarship will be awarded to students who are majoring in business administration.


  • M.Comm. University of Cairo, Egypt
  • M.B.A. University of Michigan