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Linda L Stevens


Stevens taught 4th- 6th grade for 17 years and started teaching college students at Southwest State University, which led her to Augsburg College. She is focused on teaching and improving the content of Mathematics in public schools.

As an instructor at Augsburg, “I like to model expectation in elementary classrooms with hands-on experiences and philosophies to keep the students involved in the learning process so they may pass it on when they graduate.” Stevens encourages her students to use the latest technological teaching tools such as: I-Movie, software they will encounter in the teaching field, and web sites that provide useful information.

Stevens is proud to mentor her students when they gain experience teaching in urban schools and gain advantages by teaching in a culturally diverse environment. She particularly is proud to observe them as they plan lessons and teach at Cedar Riverside schools, an urban school system near Augsburg College.


  • B.A. University of Northern Colorado
  • M.A. Mankato State University