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Tiong Tan


Dr. Tiong Tan, the newest professor in the social work department at Augsburg, arrived from the National University of Singapore. He is actively involved with the International Federation of Social Workers as the past Regional President for Asia Pacific and the President of Singapore Association of Social Workers. He is chair of the FAST (Family and Survivors of Tsunami) Project initiated by IFSW and the Commonwealth Organization for Social Work.

“I am excited to be back at Augsburg contributing to diversity to the college and bringing an international dimension to social work practice and education. It is important to have a global perspective as what happens in the macro affects the micro and vice versa in a dynamic interaction. Students would appreciate the richness of cross cultural exchanges and expanding social worldviews.”

Professor Tan adds value to his teaching incorporating his research and scholarly work. He has published widely in journals such as International Social Work, Social Development Issues, Family Issues, Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work and Development and Journal of Conflict Rsolution. His books include: The Challenge of Social Care in Asia, published by Marshall Cavendish Press, Extending Frontiers: Social Issues and Social Work in Singapore, by Eastern University Press, Social Work Around the World, I, II, and III by IFSW Press and Asian Tsunami and Social Work Practice by Haworth Press.


  • B.A. University of Singapore
  • M.S.W. University of Pennsylvania
  • Ph. D. University of Minnesota