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Meet the Auggie Guides

These Auggies are just a few of the great students you might meet when you come to campus!


Clayton Rud ’18

Clayton Rud
Clayton Rud ’18
Film Performance

Hometown: Parkers Prairie Minnesota

Major: Film Performance

Minor: Theater Performance

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: I performed Chandelier by Sia during our school’s student lip sync battle. Complete with blonde wig, tear away pants, and Shia Labeouf shirt.

Best place to study on campus: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA……study?

Dream job: Acting for the screen or voice acting for cartoons and video games.


Uyen Nguyen ’17

Uyen Nguyen
Uyen Nguyen ’18
Computer Science

Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota

Major: Computer Science

Why I chose Augsburg University: I enjoy the small class sizes and the diversity of the student body. Augsburg is small enough to see a familiar face but big enough to still meet people you haven’t seen around campus before. I also like the connection with faculty since classes are so small; you end up on a first name basis with everyone.

Favorite food joint around campus: Pizza luce over in the Seward neighborhood

Favorite spot on campus and why: 3rd floor of the library by the windows. It’s open and airy enough so you don’t feel claustrophobic but still quiet enough to focus.


Alyson Astleford ’19

Alyson Astleford
Alyson Astleford ’19
Communication Studies and Marketing

Hometown: Saint Michael, MN

Major: Communication Studies, Marketing

Why I chose Augsburg University: I chose Augsburg because it is a unique campus placed in the Minneapolis. I feel like I am able to go explore and learn something new each day. The classes are amazing and there is a lot to be involved with on campus. The size and programs are what brought me here to Augsburg.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: As a freshman I was elected to be a Honors House President my first year which has been an amazing experience so far as I have been so involved with the honors program here at Augsburg.

Favorite activity when not studying: Probably golfing when I am not studying, except when it is snowing I go and hang out at some local coffee shops with friends.

April Johnson ’19

April Johnson
April Johnson ’18
Communications and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Hometown: Moorhead, Minnesota

Major: Communications and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far:

Being a part of the volleyball team has allowed me to have a lot of great experiences with the athletics department as a whole, and with just my team specifically. We were able to go on a international trip to Nicaragua this past May, and probably any aspect of that trip would take the cake for most incredible experience.

Best place to study on campus: I am a firm believer that one’s room is definitely the best place to study. However I am distracted fairly easy, so any public place (library, Einstein’s, student lounge) is not even in my realm of consideration.

Dream job:

If I could be paid to travel around the world and try food that would be most ideal.

Ashley Peper ’16

Ashley Peper
Ashley Peper ’16
Management and Finance

Hometown: Bloomington, Minnesota

Major: Management and Finance

Minor: MIS

Favorite Augsburg class: I love advanced volleyball class!

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Making it to the NCAA tournament for volleyball the past two years.

Dream job: My dream job would be to get paid to travel the world and eat food.


Bethany Keyl ’19

Bethany Keyl
Bethany Keyl ’19
Religion and Cross Cultural Studies

Hometown: Hamden, Connecticut

Major: Religion and Cross Cultural Studies

Why I chose Augsburg University: I chose to come to Augsburg because when I visited campus it felt right. I felt immediately welcomed, and I thought Augsburg had this great community-feel to it–once I started attending Augsburg I discovered I was completely right; Augsburg is an incredibly open and accepting place. I also got very excited at all of Augsburg’s study abroad options, as well as the diverse community within and around the college.

Before coming to visit campus, I knew very little about this school, but as soon as I got my tour, I knew I had to do more research, and when I did, I discovered all the amazing opportunities Augsburg offers its students. It is easy to tell that Augsburg faculty and staff really care about students, and want you to succeed, during and after college. There are so many amazing resources available to help students feel like they really matter.

Favorite class: One of my favorite classes right now (I have more than one favorite but I’ll just describe one) is my Beginners Spanish class. I LOVE the professor. Not only does he make the class fun and interesting (in one class he concluded by giving us Spanish tongue-twisters to practice over the week) but you also actually feel like you are learning valuable information. The prof teaches us to think about the social aspects of language, as well as why the language has evolved to be this way. I love languages, so I will often stay after class or visit his office hours to talk more in-depth about a certain concept he touched on, and he is always very happy to talk with me, as well as to give me advice on further language and cultural studies courses to take.

Favorite food joint around campus: My favorite place to eat near campus is at Bethany Lutheran Church’s Soup For You lunches they have every weekday. Bethany Lutheran Church is just a quick walk across the bridge, and their soups are AMAZING. It is an extremely welcoming place (they love having Augsburg students), and every day they have a couple different varieties of delicious soups. The soups all taste very homey, and they are especially nice to warm you up on a chilly day. The servers also will remember your name and welcome you back each time you return. It is a spectacular spot to go to feel cozy and at-home.


Brighid Burkhalter ’18

Brighid Burkhalter
Brighid Burkhalter ’18

Hometown: Madison, WI

Major: Theatre, Performance Concentration

Why I chose Augsburg University: I almost didn’t chose to come to Augsburg. I had narrowed down my choice in between here and a school in NYC. I toured Augsburg (mostly to humor my mother) days before I needed to officially decide where I was going. After an hour on campus I knew that it was the environment I wanted to be in. I came knowing almost nothing about my school but I’ve been continuously happy with my choice.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Minneapolis is one of the best cities in the country for theatre, so being able to get to know that community has been exciting. But even more than that, our theatre department does a remarkable job of bringing in professionals to work with students and providing opportunities right off the bat. It’s an experience I wouldn’t have found anywhere else.

Dream job: Something combining my two passions of theatre and social justice


Cherish Kovach ’16

Cherish Kovach
Cherish Kovach ’16
Finance and Spanish

Hometown: Richfield, MN

Major: Finance and Spanish

Favorite Augsburg class: Investment Theory with Professor McIntosh. We have great class discussions learning about the “dance” we have to do when playing in the stock market.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Studying for the summer in Mexico! I was able to take 3 classes and have an internship at a local business. I learned so much Spanish and I had a so much fun spending time with my host family. It was definitely my favorite experience at Augsburg.

Favorite food joint around campus: The Afro Deli because I love Mediterranean inspired food!


Cheyenne Reese ’19

Cheyenne Reese
Cheyenne Reese ’19

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Theatre

Minor: Communications

Dream job: My dream job is to be an actress.

What I wish I knew coming into college: What I wish I knew coming into college was how much sleep I would lose! Haha, but seriously, time management will be your best friend.

Favorite activity when not studying: My favorite activity to do when I’m not studying is to sleep! Because sleep is a beautiful thing.


Erin Bolden ’17

Erin Bolden
Erin Bolden ’17

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: Marketing

Why I chose Augsburg: I chose Augsburg because I was involved in Trio in my high school and I liked how they offer that as well. I love the small class sizes.

Favorite activity when not studying: My favorite activity when I am not studying is watching Netflix and also playing basketball with my team.

Best place to study on campus: The best place to study is the lower level in the Library. This is my favorite place to study because that place Is quiet and I wouldn’t have to worry about distractions.


Ivy Benson ’18

Ivy Benson
Ivy Benson ’19
Theatre and Marketing

Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Major: Theatre and Marketing

Why I chose Augsburg University:­ I chose Augsburg because I love having a small school experience in the city. Small class sizes allow for every professor to know us personally and help when we need it. There’s a lot to do around the city on your off time and you can still wake up five minutes before class and get there on time (not that I recommend it.) Augsburg also has such a close, tight­knit community that really gives it a sense of home.

Favorite Augsburg class:­ “Script Analysis: Foundations of Theatre” with Dr. Sarah Myers was absolutely one of my favorite classes because of the discussion setting. We also take an in­depth look at scripts from around the world and way back in time.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Seeing Bill Nye speak at the scholarship weekend event last year, he was a really funny, charismatic speaker.

Favorite activity when not studying:­ I love to explore the city with my friends, attend events in and around Augsburg, take a lot of naps, and work on theatre productions

Favorite food joint around campus:­ Afro Deli makes the best falafel around.


Kassie Diaz ’19

Kassie Diaz
Kassie Diaz ’19
International Business and Spanish

Hometown: Bloomington, MN

Major: International Business and Spanish

Why I chose Augsburg University: Love that it’s in a huge city but it is a small campus.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Joining the lacrosse team.

Favorite activity when not studying: Hanging out with friends in student lounge.

What I wish I knew coming into college: Be open to new experiences.

Hidden talent: Im a great shower singer( Brittney spears or Justine Bieber are my best).

Kaylie Johnson ’17

Kaylie Johnson
Kaylie Johnson ’17
Music Therapy and Clinical Psychology

Hometown: Lakeville, MN

Major: Music Therapy and Clinical Psychology

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: I think that my best experience has been completing the URGO summer research program. During the summer, I got paid to conduct a 400-hour student-driven research project based on my interests. My study was titled, “A Survey of Music Therapy Methods and Practices on Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Units.” I sent out a survey to music therapists across the country that had experience working in music therapy in this population, in order to fill a gap in the music therapy literature. Because of this work, I was able to present my research in a concurrent session at the American Music Therapy Association national conference in Kansas City, which was a dream come true. I have been extremely fortunate to have this experience at Augsburg, and I hope that all students will take advantage of this opportunity!

Most embarrassing moment: During the homecoming pepfest my sophomore year, the music therapy department was celebrating the 40th anniversary of the program’s existence. We were having a dinner in the chapel, and as an officer of the music therapy club, I had to leave halfway through in order to attend a part of the pepfest. A homecoming tradition at Augsburg is the “homecoming decorating contest,” in which clubs around campus are assigned a spot on campus to decorate with school spirit and club spirit. The winner of this contest receives $3,000 for the club, second place gets $2,000, and third receives $1,000. The club officers were running across campus to get to the Kennedy Center to hear the results, and as we entered the building, we heard the emcees yell “Music therapy club,” so we thought we won. We ran into the back door of the gym screaming, only to appear behind the emcees and in front of the entire study body, all dressed up and screaming. We actually won third place. Whoops!

Favorite activity when not studying: I enjoy leading the pep band at football games, and playing Ultimate Frisbee in the dome in the winter. There are a lot of fun activities on campus that all students can get involved with! Off campus, I enjoy biking around Minneapolis, especially on the Greenway and by Minnehaha Falls. I also frequent the Minnesota Orchestra and other music events around the cities. In the city, you will never run out of events to attend, and you will never be bored!

 Kitana Holland ’19

Kitana Holland
Kitana Holland ’19
Sociology and Religion

Hometown: Coon Rapids

Major: Sociology and Religion

Favorite Augsburg class: My favorite Augsburg class right now is Religion 362 with Dr. Mark Tranvik, the Luther and the Reformation. I love the class because Tranvik is one of my favorite people on campus. He challenges me to think critically in class and my assignments. I would recommend my peers to take a class of his because he will open their minds to a lot of things. Especially our calling as Augsburg students with our gifts, community, and faith.

Most incredible Augsburg experience so far: Being a part of Summer Bridge because it gave the chance to have a step ahead in college. Also being involved with the Bonner Leaders Program because I have the chance to work in the community, Admissions, and North-side Achievement Zone.

Best place to study on campus: I am not going to be that specific but somewhere in the basement of the library.


Makala Jeffrey ’18

Makala Jeffrey
Makala Jeffrey ’18
Music Business

Hometown: O’Neill, Nebraska

Major: Music Business

Minor: Psychology

Why I chose Augsburg University: I chose Augsburg because I really liked the Music Business Department and because of it’s location. (Small campus in a big city) I knew as soon as I visited here that it felt like home.

Favorite Augsburg class: The Music Business

Dream job: Managing my favorite band or/and owning my own record label.

What I wish I knew coming into college: What I wished I knew when coming into college is that everything changes so quickly and you are thrown into a new environment, but it is nothing to get stressed over, just focus on what is important, and everything else will fall into place.

Marisa Benasutti ’17

Marisa Benasutti
Marisa Benasutti ’17
International Relations

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Major: International Relations

Minor: French

Why I picked Augsburg: I chose Augsburg because of their commitment to community engagement. I wanted to be in a place where I could be involved and connected with my surroundings. Being in the heart of Minneapolis in a vibrant neighborhood, there are so many opportunities to be involved with the community.

Favorite food joint around campus: The best place to grab lunch is AfroDeli. They have the best chicken fantastic-it’s even in the name how fantastic it is!

Dream job: My dream job would be working for an international organization like the UN Food and Agriculture Organization working on environmental and food security issues.


Nora Barr ’16

Nora Barr
Nora Barr ’16
Urban Studies

Hometown: New York City, NY

Major: Urban Studies

Why I chose Augsburg University: I chose Augsburg because of the small classes and professors who want you to succeed. Also it’s urban campus gives you access to all Minneapolis and St. Paul has to offer – a vibrant music scene and diverse communities. Augsburg stresses service learning which made it a perfect fit for me.

Favorite activity when not studying: I love playing Ultimate Frisbee as part of the Ultimate Frisbee Club.


Samantha Kong ’19

Samantha Kong
Samantha Kong ’19

Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

Major: Psychology

Why I chose Augsburg University: I knew Augsburg was the right college for me when I REALLY engaged on my first campus visit here. I ended up visiting Augsburg four more times! I became so inlove with Augsburg and its community.

Favorite class: My all time favorite class would have to be my psychology class at the moment. I find it very interesting to learn about how we learn, about the way we think, our memories, and so much more!

Dream Job:I love the idea of helping people in terms of health wise. As of the moment I plan to peruse in the career of being a Physician Assistant.