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Fine Arts Scholarship

Application Deadline: The deadline for the 2018-19 school year has passed.

If you are a TRANSFER STUDENT who would like to apply upon your admission to Augsburg University, you can do so by filling out the respective application based on your fine arts interest. Final deadline for Transfer students to apply for the Fine Arts Scholarship is Wednesday, August 1, 2018.

Arts are enriching. It is said that arts are what make us truly human, that from them we find means to express emotion.

Students who study and participate in music, theater, and art at Augsburg have the many and marvelous resources of a rich, artistic urban environment at their doorstep. Augsburg students study with professional actors and musicians, visit world-class museums, and enjoy internships with professional arts organizations. Students who are not majoring in the arts are welcomed and encouraged to explore their talents and express creativity in many ways.

The arts at Augsburg truly educate for a lifetime. Students involved in a theater production carry the experience of that play with them for the rest of their lives, much in the same way that students who play in orchestra during college feel more connected to a symphony orchestra when attending concerts. The vocabulary of the arts enriches our lives in innumerable ways great and small, giving us appreciation and understanding for new language, image, and sound.

Ours is not a cloistered faculty, and everyone who teaches here in fine arts is also out in the community engaged in professional performance or exhibition. This enables them to provide the kind of mentoring that challenges students to develop their talents, stretch their creativity, and express themselves in ways that perhaps they didn’t even expect.

Application Process

The Fine Arts Scholarship recognizes students who plan to participate in the following areas: Visual Arts, Film, Music (instrumental or vocal), Theater (performance or technical), and Forensics (speech).  Applicants must apply for the Fine Arts Scholarship by filling out the respective fine arts section within their Augsburg application and submit supplemental materials for the area(s) they are applying in. Applicants will also be required to do an on-campus audition or interview within 2 weeks of acceptance or submit video, if unavailable to come to campus for their audition or interview. Scholarships decisions are based on the fine arts application, audition/interview, and determined by the Augsburg Fine Arts faculty.

Amount: $3,000/year with one student receiving a full tuition scholarship


Scholarship Weekend: All recipients are invited to attend a recognition event during Scholarship Weekend, on February 16-17, 2018.


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