President’s Scholarship

Phil Adamo - Profile PictureAbout the Scholarship

The essayist William Deresiewicz wrote that “the true purpose of education is to make minds, not careers.” Augsburg’s Honors Program helps students consider education for its own sake, and to create an educational experience that, in spite of this focus (or because of it), helps students discover a fulfilling vocation. Honors at Augsburg includes an enriched curriculum, collaborative projects with professors, the chance for students to design their own courses, conduct independent research, and receive personal attention in preparing for graduate, law, and medical school fellowships.

The Augsburg College President’s Scholarship recognizes students who show academic excellence and leadership ability. The competition includes two types of awards: the President’s Scholarship and the Honors Scholarship. Applying for the Honors Program automatically considers you for both. Finalists are invited to compete during Scholarship Weekend 2016. Students who are awarded one of these scholarships are offered a place in our Honors Program.

Visit the Honors Program website for more information on these opportunities. I’m eager to read your application and discover what type of fun and challenging education you’ll create!

– Phil Adamo, Director of Honors

Additional Information and Application Process

The President’s Scholarship recognizes 10 first-year students of exceptional academic ability with strong evidence of leadership potential. Ten President’s Scholarships are awarded annually through the competition during Scholarship Weekend with one student receiving a full tuition scholarship.

Students apply for the Honors Scholarship & Presidential Scholarship in conjunction with their application to the college.  For consideration, students are suggested to have a 3.5 or higher GPA or a 27 or greater ACT composite (or a combined SAT score of 1210 or greater).  Award decisions are based on academic criteria, a letter of academic recommendation, leadership activities, an essay, and an on-campus interview. To receive these awards, qualified students are required to live on campus and to participate in Augsburg’s Honors Program.

Applicants are encouraged to apply for additional scholarships for which they might qualify, but if an Honors Scholarship is awarded, the recipient cannot receive any other Augsburg scholarships, with the exception of a Fine Arts Scholarship.  If a President’s Scholarship is awarded, the recipient cannot receive any other Augsburg scholarships.

Application Process: Students apply for the Honors Program and consideration for an Honors Scholarship or President’s Scholarship with their application to the college.  Students must indicate on their application to the college that they are applying for the Honors Program and respond to the proper essay prompt provided on the application.

Honors Scholarship Amount: $22,000 per year

President’s Scholarship Amount: $30,000 per year with one student receiving a full tuition scholarship.

Application Deadline: The application deadline will be announced later this fall.

Scholarship Weekend: All finalists selected to compete should attend Scholarship Weekend.