Student Gallery

The Student Art Gallery, located on the main floor of Christensen Center, is an art exhibition area for use by Augsburg students or by other Augsburg-affiliated organizations and academic departments. All exhibitions run for approximatley two weeks and are installed with the assistance of the art galleries interns. Senior art majors are given first priority in signing up for solo or two-person exhibitions. The Galleries Coordinator will determine if the proposed project is appropriate for the gallery. All exhibition requests should be submitted via e-mail to The selection of exhibitions is ongoing.


Student Art Gallery Exhibition Schedule 2014-15

Fall 2014

Dates Name Location Reception
 Oct. 13 – Oct. 29  Nina Martine Robinson  North Side
 Oct. 13 – Oct. 29  Gail Woods  South Side
Nov. 24 – Dec. 10  Matt O’Keefe  North Side
 Nov. 24 – Dec. 10  Maggie Royce  South Side
 Dec. 15 – Jan. 28  Fine Arts Scholarship Exhibition  Both Sides

Spring 2015

Dates Name Location Reception
 Feb. 2 – Feb. 18  Bee Vang  North Side
 March 9 – 25  Rose Graff  North Side
 March 9 – 25  Beth Oelfke  South Side
 March 30 – Apr . 15  Leslee Jackson  North Side
 March 30 – Apr. 15  Zach Sundry  South Side
 Apr. 20 – May 6  Emily Bauermeister  North Side
 Apr. 20 – May 6  Deborah Endres Goggins  South Side
 May 12 – May 27  Megan Bartylla  North Side