It has been a couple months. Throughout this time I have encountered myself in new ways (specifically with CGE) in Mexico, Minnesota, and now, Bolivia.
Annika here once again.

I returned to Minnesota from La Paz two nights ago after traveling for around 24 hours (lay-over in Miami was quite the trip;). Since I was unable to have extended internet time during the eight days in Bolivia, I have decided that I will explore my mind’s memories and reflections regarding the short-term CGE international travel seminar, “When Indigenous People Lead,” now while here de vuelta in Minnesota.

To first enter into these thoughts, I believe it is important to say that never have I heard community representatives and specifically governmental officials speak of community and cosmovisions (the way in which one perceives the world, Life) in the ways that I did while in Bolivia… The words harmony and equilibrium were ever-present throughout these people’s articulations of the world’s cultures/the Cultural Life (La Vida Cultural) and the transformative states and powers of humans’ relationships with Life, and, implicitly, Nature.

In total, we, as participants of this seminar, numbered 14. All of us represented unique identities and Life contexts – many similar, many dissimilar. As a great feminist once said, we were able to ignite the creative spark of difference.
Some participants of this trip identified as indigenous (First Nation) peoples from Turtle Island/the United States, while others identified as non-indigenous. Amongst those of indigenous identities included two Dakota people, one Anishinabe person, and one Anishinabe-Odawa person. Another participant’s identity traced back to Mayan from Guatemala, and additionally one other person identified as Aymara from Bolivia.
All these historical-presents of each community member offered rich perspectives and vital points of both resonation and contrast.

Signing off with this short introduction and soon ready to share more…

Thank you and sending ongoing feelings that linger from the Andes…