Cuba Semester Program Abroad: Another Update

**The CGEE Semester in Cuba program has been discontinued as of 2015. This blog post is only a historical record of the program. For our short term custom programs in Cuba, please see this page

The semester program in Cuba has been full of activity per usual.  The recent death of Hugo Chavez provided a very unique context for learning and students were able to visit Revolution Park to observe the official mourning of his death.

The program has also made official visits to the University of Havana and the Latin American Medical School to learn firsthand about higher education in Cuba.  Students have also enjoyed coordinated exchanges with Cuban students (those studying English) at the Pedagogical Institute in Havana.

Students are traveling this week in Cienfuegos and Santa Clara for spring break.

^^At a traditional Cuban “peso” market – learning about currencies, buying power, and other everyday economic realities.

^^At the University of Havana.

^^Literacy Museum.

^^Havana street scene.