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Churches and Community Groups in Cuernavaca

We’re about to say goodbye to our Summer Session II students. (In the summer, we offer two seven-week sessions, but students, including non-traditional college students, can also come for just 3.5 weeks and take an intensive Spanish course during that time.) Nora, Sari, and Marianne have been a great group!

One of our students who has been here for part of Session II is Marianne, who majored in Spanish in college many years ago and currently works outside of Minneapolis as a Lutheran minister. She decided to study in Mexico this summer in order to refresh her Spanish. She took a one-on-one Advanced Composition class, and the professor really tailored the class to her, so her final composition was a sermon that she delivered (in Spanish, of course) at a local Anglican church. She did a great job, and the bilingual minister, Father Greg, seemed really glad to have a guest preacher!

Another highlight of this week was a visit with all of the students to Luz y Libertad, a base Christian community (a grassroots Christian group) led by four strong women. The name of the group means “Light and Liberty,” and in addition to meeting for weekly Bible studies (influenced by liberation theology), they are active in a local human rights group and offer a variety of classes to women to help them generate their own income. For example, they teach women how to make delicious meals with meat substitutes (such as soy and wheat germ) in order to improve their nutrition and save money. They served us a delicious, freshly made lunch that was almost completely vegetarian. The women of Luz y Libertad also teach women how to make various crafts to sell, and they give self-esteem workshops to help women stand up for themselves, escape from situations of domestic violence, or simply find a world outside of their homes. Our students really appreciated the delicious meal and the chance to hear about all that this group is doing.

Now that it’s almost time for our students to return home, we hope that they will return to the U.S. with a new, more nuanced understanding of Mexico and of course, a greater knowledge of Spanish. And we wish them all safe travels!

-Grace Lundergan