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Team Building

This afternoon, the staff and students spent a lovely day learning more about each other and preparing for the semester ahead. The day consisted of cycling through various activities that explored what identity consists of and the factors have influenced the creation of our identities. Areas such as race, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, and gender were explored in more detail with both staff and students sharing personal experiences and beliefs about each topic. The group also participated in numerous team building activities to get to know each other.

The day ended with everyone splitting into four groups for a hastag competition. Each group had to come up with a word or a short phrase represent our identity as the Fall 2014 group. The winning hashtag was #cgebabiesoflove. The group stated that the semester is a journey and that their journey is just beginning. They are babies now, but as the semester progresses they will graduate to #cgetoddlersoflove and so fourth.

At the end of the day, the group was ready to head back to the house and everyone felt as though the day was a success and they were grateful that our community got the opportunity to learn more about one another.