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Halloween at CGE

Every week, student leaders take turns hosting community events. The goal of these events are to bring our living and learning community together and take time to reconnect and continue our journey of getting to know one another. This week for our community event, our student leaders decided to throw a Halloween party for all of the students. Activities included personal trivia where the students would answer trivia questions about members in the group. If answered correctly, that student would get a piece of candy! This was a great activity to show that we still have a lot to learn about one another despite having lived together for over two months now!

Other activities included a doughnut eating contest and a candy toss game. After having the previous week off for fall break, this was the perfect activity to reunite the group and get everyone ready for the next four weeks in Windhoek! By the end of the event, everyone left with a candy bag and a positive attitude to start the week. While this may have been a slightly different celebration than what the students typically do back in the States, it was the perfect taste of home.

Happy Halloween from our Fall 2014 students in Namibia!