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Internship Celebration Party

This semester we  had seven students participate in internships around Windhoek. Students, staff, and internship supervisors all came together this afternoon to celebrate the time and commitment that our students have put fourth this semester. By signing up to complete an internship, students are agreeing to 112 hours at their placement in addition to a two-hour weekly class. By spending 112 hours at their internship, students get a chance to take their learning outside of the classroom and gain a more comprehensive understanding about the realities in Namibia. Students get hands-on experience working for causes they are passionate about and are given the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals through their organizations.

As everyone was sitting around the living room, each student stood up and stated what organization they have been working with and what tasks had been their primary focus. While tasks varied for each student, one thing that was consistent throughout each presentation was the gratitude that each student expressed for the opportunity to learn from such dedicated organizations.

This semester, we had students at women’s rights centers, youth empowerment and education programs, and a legal assistance center. While some of our students were teaching classes and leading youth groups, others were preparing documents for upcoming trials. No matter what the tasks were, each student felt as though they were able to positively contribute to their organization.

Congratulations to our students for completing a successful internship at their organization!