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Spring Semester in Mexico: Update!

Students on the Migration, Globalization and the Environment program in Mexico have had a busy few weeks.  The group has attended various workshops and excursions surrounding major issues that impact Mexico’s population and environment. Specifically, the study abroad students had a visit to Mexico City’s Museum of Anthropology where they learned about the various indigenous groups such as the Olmecs and the Aztecs.  The highlight was discussing those groups’ relevance in today’s society.

The lab group has begun, which is a weekly requirement of the Migration, Globalization and Environment program; students and the international resident advisor (IRA) meet to reflect upon excursions, speaker sessions, home stays, and overall experiences in Mexico, while continuing to expand knowledge surrounding Mexican culture.   The role of the IRA is something unique to Center for Global Education programs.  The IRA is an individual who serves as liaison between students and faculty, while promoting a positive living-learning community; they are a resource for students in terms of adjusting to and making the most out of the study abroad experience. One of the lab group activities this week was to watch and discuss a movie about Sor Juna Inés de la Cruz, one of Mexico’s most famous icons and a 17th century erudite often remembered as one of the first feminists in the Americas.

The group is looking forward to this upcoming weekend, when they will visit the pyramids in Teotihuacan.