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Social Work Study Abroad in Mexico: Welcome to Spring 2015

This post comes from Brittney Westgard, intern and teacher’s assist for CGEE’s Social Work study abroad program in Mexico.

My own study abroad semester with CGEE in Cuernavaca, Mexico was a life changing experience, so when I was offered opportunity to become the teacher’s assistant for the current Social Work professor, I knew that it was something I could not pass up.  I graduated from Augsburg  in 2014 with a social work degree. I was excited to take the position as a TA since I have hopes of one day becoming a professor and knew this experience would give me insight.  And let’s be honest – who would pass up the chance to spend another semester in Cuernavaca with such an amazing program?

We have a great group of social work students with us this semester! Their diverse experiences, backgrounds, and passions have helped to create an engaging environment where we can all learn and grow.  The group is made up of students from St. Cloud University, the University of St. Thomas, and Augsburg College.

I am looking forward to all that this semester holds for both the students and I. I also look forward to having you follow our journey through our weekly blogs based on experiences in Mexico.  The blogs will be written by one of our social work students or me. We want this to be an open dialogue so we encourage you to post comments and questions over on our Facebook page – we’ll see you there!