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Namibia Student Photo Dump!

Here is a quick photo dump from Andrea Sutliff who is studying abroad in Namibia on the Nation-Building, Globalization, and Decolonizing the Mind program.  Enjoy!

Study Abroad in Namibia homestay
My homestay family! This is from just one of the many homestay opportunities offered in this program. I am getting a sense of urban life in Southern Africa.



Study Abroad in Southern Africa Homestay Family
Another homestay family shot. I spent the week attending classes and my internship during the day and then was able to spend every night and the weekend with my family.
This is a picture taken from our trip to Swakopmund. The monument pictured commemorates the thousands of Herero lives lost during the genocide from 1904-1909. Surrounding the monument are the small mounds showcasing the shallow graves. It was an eye-opening experience learning about the genocide, especially since it was something that I had never heard of previously.
Study Abroad in Windhoek
This picture was taken shortly after our first official week in Windhoek. The student group went to the top of the Hilton Hotel to view the beautiful sunset over the city as a celebration of our new home. It was a nice way to unwind after the the intensity of transition and orientation.