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Ohio State Agricultural Studies Students Travel to CGEE-Nicaragua

The Center for Global Education in Nicaragua began the New Year with a new group!

The Ohio State University Agricultural Studies program brought a group of 20 first-year students to Nicaragua to learn first-hand about a variety of agricultural practices and techniques used throughout Nicaragua. Because of the agricultural focus of the travel seminar, students spent the majority of the trip outside of Managua, exploring several rural communities in the northern region of Nicaragua.

The seminar began with a two-night homestay experience in the community of Garbo located at the entrance of the Nicaraguan biosphere reserve called Bosawas. Students received a step-by-step explanation and demonstration of the coffee process and even had the chance to pick coffee with the farmers. The students then traveled to a model farm called Canvalia allowed students to learn about both organic cacao production and Nicaraguan veterinarian practices.  The students caught a glimpse of a mother sloth and her baby while out hiking as well. Hands-on experiences were complemented by lectures given by local experts and technicians.  One highlight was discussing the role of women in rural life with local women farmers and female rural leaders. The group rounded out the trip up north with two nights at the world famous Selva Negra Farm and lodge where they were able to hike, go horseback riding, and receive a tour of the sustainable farm.

The trip came to an end with a lovely day at a volcanic crater lake and a visit to the Masaya Craft Market for shopping.  The Ohio State students enjoyed a stunning sunset at the volcano edge.  The group was led by CGEE-Augsburg in-country guide Joe Connelly, with the assistance of David Keegan, who was kind enough to provide yoga classes for the group each morning.  CGEE-Nicargua loved hosting the “OSU Ag” students and are excited that they will be back in Nicaragua in January 2016. The 2016 seminar will include excursions to different regions of the country and will include a focus on the production of sugar cane, tobacco, peanuts and sesame.

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