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Semester Abroad Student Reflection

From “Mexico: Migration, Globalization and the Environment” student Amanda Moua.

Going back home is something bitter-sweet for me. I am not expecting much return culture-shock, after all I was born and raised in Minnesota. If anything I’ll have developed a small disdain for the capitalistic and materialistic theme going on back home. But overall I am looking forward to being near my family again and being able to fully understand people’s language when I step outside.

Looking back at these past four months, I have slowly begun to realize how lucky I am to have experienced this study abroad opportunity. Being submerged in a whole new culture and language has solidified my love for different cultures and people and my desire to major in international relations. I did not know what to expect when coming to Mexico, but I have definitely made good memories and friends here. I will never forget the hospitality of everyone I have met here and the kindness I received. I want to come back in the future and hopefully I will be able to experience more parts of Mexico.

These pictures are of my favorite excursion. For my biology class we visited and climbed Iztaccihuatl popocatepetl (a volcano). It was a once in a lifetime experience and something I will never forget. The sheer beauty is something in and of itself but my favorite part was when a cloud floated towards us and slowly enveloped us. Now I can understand the phrase “being on cloud 9.” It is something you just want to sit and take in, while it takes you in. One of the best decisions I have made here, was climbing that volcano.