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CGEE Staff Biography – Raziel Valiño

Raziel earned her Licenciatura in Social Anthropology at UAEM (Autonomous University of the State of Morelos) and recently completed her MA/MPhil in Sociomedical Sciences at Columbia University. Raziel is currently working on her PhD dissertation in Cultural Anthropology and Sociomedical Sciences, focusing on unaccompanied Mexican migrant youth that form part of a Minnesota-Morelos transnational circuit. Prior to her graduate studies at Columbia, Raziel worked in Morelos on issues related to youth, gender, sexuality, identity, sexual and reproductive health, violence, and U.S.-Mexico migration. From 2004 to 2006, Raziel was a Research Assistant and Mexican Mentor for a summer program “Feeding the Family in Troubled Times,” which involved a bio-cultural study of patterns of work, consumption and nutrition at the household level in two communities of Morelos. In 2009, while in New York, Raziel became involved with the Latino community, researching access to medical care and breast cancer screening, as well as the impact of mobility on HIV care and treatment.