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*Please note that we have two physical office locations in Minneapolis

Study Abroad & Study Away Advising for Augsburg Students
Auggies visit us in Christensen Center, Suite 2, Lower level

Faculty-led Programming for Augsburg Faculty
Anderson Hall, Suite 23, Lower level

For Students, Faculty, and Staff from other Institutions
Anderson Hall, Suite 23, Lower level


Mailing Address:
2211 Riverside Avenue, Campus Box 307
Minneapolis, MN 55454


Semester and Summer Programs

Margaret AndersonMargaret Anderson Staff Photo
Global Programs Manager
Direct Phone: 612-330-1685

Contact Margaret for: Students, parents and administrators for semester and summer programs through Augsburg CGEE and Exchange partners, questions regarding academics, admissions, finances, course registration, travel and any other pre-departure issues.

Read Margaret’s biography here.


Andrea DvorakAndrea Dvorak, Staff Photo
Assistant Director, Off-campus Study
Phone: 612-330-1669

Contact Andrea for: All Augsburg students with questions regarding semester and summer study away programs

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Maren Stoddard MackMaren Staff Photo
Recruitment and Outreach Specialist
Phone: 612-330-1532

Contact Maren for: All Augsburg students looking to begin the process for study abroad and general student inquiries.

Maren’s biography here.


Customized Programs


Peggy Johnson
Associate Director, Customized Programs
Direct Phone: 612-330-1118



Olee Amata
Program Associate, Customized Programs
Direct Phone: 612-330-1115

Contact Olee for: Inquiries about customized programs – making payments, scholarships, flight arrangements and visas for Augsburg groups.

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Fatimah KinaphoneFatimah Kinaphone Staff Photo
Program Coordinator, Customized Programs
Direct Phone: 612-330-1536

Contact Fatimah for: Inquiries about organizing a customized program in Nicaragua or registering for or preparing to go on a short-term program in Nicaragua.

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Susan PeacockSusan Peacock Staff Photo
Program Coordinator, Customized Programs
Direct Phone: 612-330-1662

Contact Susan for: Inquiries about organizing a customized program in Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Mexico or registering for or preparing to go on a short-term program in these countries.

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Administration and Marketing

David HamiltonCGEE Square Logo, Maroon
Director of Operations and Global Inclusion Initiatives

Direct Phone: 612-330-1385

Contact David for: Operational and administrative and budget areas of CGEE’s work, and program management of the Customized Program Team (short-term off-campus programming).

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Lucy HardakerLucy Hardaker Staff Photo
Manager, CGEE Marketing and Outreach Management
Direct Phone: 612-330-1622

Contact Lucy for: Brochure requests, school visit coordination, advertising, website issues, and other marketing related items.

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Leah Spinosa de VegaLeah Spinosa de Vega Staff Photo
Director of Global Initiatives and Off-campus Study
Phone: 612-330-1650

Contact Leah for: Risk management, campus globalization efforts such as curriculum integration, [Augsburg] faculty-led program proposal process, and exchange agreements.

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Augsburg Student Peer Advisers

Want a students’ perspective? Our friendly and helpful Peer Advisers at Augsburg College welcome all Augsburg students with questions regarding study abroad. You can find them in the Study Away & in the USA suite in Christensen Center, lower level.

TimTim Bishop, CGEE Peer Adviser

Tim is a Spanish major with a Religion minor who’s working hard on learning to properly roll his Rs. He studied abroad at Augsburg’s Global Campus in Mexico and loves talking about the experience. Tim enjoys working in the Study Abroad and Study Away office because he wants everyone to have as great a time with off campus study as he did. Come in, sit down, and chat. We look forward to seeing you!




MexicoAnn Lutterman Aguilar Staff Photo

Ann Lutterman-Aguilar
Site Director and Instructor, Mexico

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Sunset in Amatlan

Lisanne Morgan
Homestay and Program Coordinator, Mexico

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Language School Mexico

Antonio Ortega
Program Coordinator and Instructor, Mexico

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Violeta Jamarillo CGEE Square Logo, Maroon
Adjunct Instructor, Mexico

Read Violeta’s biography here.


Raziel Valiño, Adjunct Professor CGEE Square Logo, Maroon
Adjunct Instructor, Mexico

Read Raziel’s biography here.


Amber RamirezStaff photo
International Resident Assistant/Fellow, Mexico

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CENTRAL AMERICAMark Lester Staff Photo

Mark Lester
Regional Co-Director, Central America (Nicaragua Office)

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Kathleen McBrideKathy McBride Staff Photo
Regional Co-Director, Central America (Nicaragua Office)

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Juan Carlos LopezNature Photo Nicaragua
Program Coordinator, Central America (Nicaragua Office)

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Elisa VanegasElisa Vanegas Staff Photo
Program Coordinator, Central America (Nicaragua Office)

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César AcevedoCesar
Site Coordinator, Central America (El Salvador and Costa Rica Offices)

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Fidel Xinico Tum
Site Coordinator, Central America (Guatemala Office)

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Ruth Garrido

Study Abroad Facilitator (Central America Region)

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Albertina N Shifotoka
Site Director, Southern Africa (Namibia Office)

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Lamont A. Slater

Lamont SlaterProgram Coordinator and Instructor, Southern Africa (Namibia Office)

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Sunset in Namibia

Frederick Simasiku
Program Coordinator, Southern Africa (Namibia Office)

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Mavis Muguti, Adjunct Faculty
Adjunct Instructor, Southern Africa (Namibia Office)

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Attila Sá 
International Resident Advisor, Southern Africa (Namibia Office)
Attila Sa, Namibia Staff Photo

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