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Finance Information for Auggies Studying Abroad

Students may apply any financial aid for which they are eligible to study off-campus, with the exception of campus-based work study. The cost of off-campus study is comparable to attending Augsburg’s campuses in Minneapolis and Rochester. In fact, studying for a semester at one of our global sites is less expensive than studying, living, and eating on campus! Most students pay the same tuition as if they were on campus; room, board, and travel costs vary depending on program and location.

Finances for any student at our global sites (semester/summer programs in Mexico, Central America, or Southern Africa)

Semester programs abroad billed program fees include tuition, full room and board, course-related excursions and insurance. Additional expenses include travel to/from the program site, personal spending money, and housing/food on scheduled breaks.

You should check with your student’s home school regarding which portions of his/her financial aid is made available for study abroad. A cost estimate may be required to account for any additional expenses related to studying abroad, and may result in a revised financial aid award.

Also ask about billing procedures. They will probably follow one of these options:

  • The home school pays the entire program fee and bills the student account per usual
  • The home school will pay the tuition and bill the student for this, and the student is responsible for paying CGEE the room and board expenses
  • The home school will transfer financial aid to CGEE and the student/family pays any balance above and beyond
  • The home school is not involved, billing and payment occurs between CGEE and the student/family

Payment plans are available upon request. This arrangement splits the balance due into four payments made over the duration of the program.


For Customized Programs – fees are typically paid to the institution that is sponsoring the program.


Policies for any student at our global sites (semester/summer programs in Mexico, Central America, or Southern Africa)

  • Admission: complete application form, provide transcript and signed approval from study abroad office at home school. Rolling admissions, students are admitted as soon as all application materials are complete.
  • Deposit:  $350 to secure space in program, not refundable unless program is canceled.
  • Payment of fees: all fees due by the date listed in the program materials, with the exception of anticipated financial aid which is disbursed at a later date.
  • Transcripts: credit is transferred via Augsburg College transcript. Signed request form required (included on Study Abroad Approval Form), which must be submitted in hard copy. First transcript is free of charge; thereafter charged per Augsburg College Registrar’s policy.