Scholarships Through Augsburg CGEE

The CGEE Global Sites strive to create an intentionally diverse community of co-learners in which a variety of cultures and backgrounds is represented. Toward this end, we offer scholarships for students who belong to historically disadvantaged groups.

In academic year 2015-16, CGEE awarded over $45,000 in discounts and scholarships to students and groups traveling to our Global Sites in Mexico, Southern Africa, and Central America. These include: special discounts, need-based, and diversity scholarships. 

Our scholarships include:

Additional Scholarships for Study Abroad/Away Found Around the Web

In addition to our own scholarships, the Augsburg Study Abroad/Away Advisors have created a searchable guide to various other study abroad scholarships found on the web. We hope you find this resource helpful as you plan for your off campus experience!

>> Scholarship Guide <<

We recommend using the “filter view” to best search the scholarships for which you may be eligible. Click the funnel icon to the right of the printer icon on the guide in Google Sheets to filter.