The below may help you determine an idea or approximation of costs for a customized seminar. Each price represents the typical per person cost for an 8 day/7 night customized travel seminar. Typically, price decreases when costs can be shared among a larger group of participants.

However, please keep in mind that each seminar is unique in itinerary and cost, and the below is only an approximation:

Destination 10 Participants 12 Participants 15 Participants 18 Participants
El Salvador $1335 $1160 $1050 $925
Guatemala $1425 $1280 $1180 $1045
Mexico $1390 $1215 $1040 $920
Namibia $1575 $1375 $1175 $1075
Bolivia $2795 $2525 $2180 $1995
Nicaragua $1470 $1270 $1075 $945
Cuba $2700 $2500 $2275 $2115

Read more about CGE’s prices, what impacts them, and how they compare to our competitors.

CGE is able to offer a limited number of reduced-price seminars to groups who cannot normally afford our regular program fees, such as non-profits, high schools, churches, senior citizens associations, and human rights organizations. These discounted trips will have fewer programming and lodging choices and will likely be available only at off-peak times.  This option is offered in El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Southern Africa.  First-time sponsors are prioritized for available one-time discounts.

Scholarships Available for Short-Term Programs

CGE offer scholarship for groups and individuals.  Please visit our travel seminar scholarships page for more information and application instructions.