The below may help you determine an idea or approximation of costs for a customized seminar. Each price represents the typical per person cost for an 8 day/7 night customized travel seminar. Typically, price decreases when costs can be shared among a larger group of participants.

When comparing prices, please note that ours are completely inclusive of all in-country costs.  We also retain some of the most experienced in-country staff (average 12+ years of service with CGEE) and make sustainable, socially responsible choices that sometimes cost a bit more.

However, please keep in mind that each seminar is unique in itinerary and cost, and the below is only an approximation:

Destination 10 Participants 12 Participants 15 Participants 18 Participants
El Salvador $1335 $1160 $1050 $925
Guatemala $1425 $1280 $1180 $1045
Mexico $1390 $1215 $1040 $920
Namibia $1575 $1375 $1175 $1075
Bolivia $2795 $2525 $2180 $1995
Nicaragua $1470 $1270 $1075 $945
Cuba $3395 $3200 $3050 $2900

Apply for Reduced-Cost Customized Programs

CGE is able to offer a limited number of reduced-price seminars to groups who cannot normally afford our regular program fees, such as non-profits, high schools, churches, senior citizens associations, and human rights organizations and some institutions of higher education.  Please review the restrictions and submit an application for consideration.

Scholarships Available for Customized Programs

CGE offers scholarships for short-term program participants.  Please visit our travel seminar scholarships page for more information and application instructions.