Cost and Scholarship

Create a Seminar

The below may help you determine an idea or approximation of costs for a customized seminar. Each price represents the typical per person cost for an 8 day/7 night customized travel seminar. Typically, price decreases when costs can be shared among a larger group of participants.

However, please keep in mind that each seminar is unique in itinerary and cost, and the below is only an approximation:

Destination 10 Participants 12 Participants 15 Participants 18 Participants
El Salvador $1335 $1160 $1050 $925
Guatemala $1425 $1280 $1180 $1045
Mexico $1390 $1215 $1040 $920
Namibia $1575 $1375 $1175 $1075
Bolivia $1895 $1630 $1365 $1190
Nicaragua $1470 $1270 $1075 $945
Cuba $2700 $2500 $2275 $2115


Read more about CGE’s prices, what impacts them, and how they compare to our competitors.



The Center for Global Education has several scholarship funds available to participants on its programs.  For funds, participants must fill out a separate application form.  Funds are small, so scholarships generally range from about $100 to $800 for a participant who qualifies for the fund’s purpose.

If you would like to make a gift to a scholarship fund, please make sure that you type the name of the fund in the “designation” line.


PJSA Member Discount

Members of the Peace and Justice Studies Association (PJSA) or participants/students who attend a PJSA member school are eligible for an automatic $100 discount on any short-term travel seminar.

PJSA Member Scholarships are awarded only after participants/students submit a PJSA Membership Confirmation Form to receive the aid.


Mary Witt Scholarship Fund


Purpose: The Mary Witt Scholarship Fund was established in 1987 in memory of Mary Witt, who was killed in a car accident several months after participating in a Center for Global Education travel seminar to Central America. The Center attached the fund to Mary’s name because of her inspiring commitment to a more inclusive, just and peaceful world. The money in this small fund enhances opportunities for persons lacking sufficient personal resources, especially persons of color, to participate in Center for Global Education travel seminars and meet their counterparts in other countries who are working for social change. Funds are for people of color or for participants involved in grassroots work. Funds will also be considered for entire groups that are made up primarily of people or color or those working at the grassroots level.

Religious Studies Scholarship Fund


Purpose: To provide encouragement and financial assistance to a student of any class who is involved in a Center for Global Education short-term program, is majoring in religion or pre-seminary, and is open to students at seminaries in the United States and Canada. The award is based upon financial need.



Students of Color Endowed Scholarship Fund


Purpose: The Students of Color Endowed Scholarship Fund is to provide encouragement and financial assistance to a student of any class who is involved in a Center for Global Education at Augsburg College study abroad program; and is affiliated with the American Indian, Hispanic/Latino, Pan Afrikan or Pan Asian support programs at Augsburg College, affiliated with another ELCA college, or affiliated with another college in Minnesota. The award is based upon financial need.


Diversity Abroad was founded to ensure that all students are aware and have equal access to study and travel abroad opportunities. The mission of Diversity Abroad is to increase minority students’ participation in study and travel abroad programs.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving federal Pell Grant funding at a 2-year or 4-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.

CGE Student Receives Gilman Scholarship

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship - The U.S. government administers the National Security Education Program (NSEP) scholarships for undergraduates who will specifically pursue the study of languages and cultures currently under-represented in study abroad, especially those critical to the U.S. national security.