Environmentally Friendly Driving

For many of Augsburg’s students, faculty, and staff, a car is a necessity for getting to and from campus. These drivers have several options that allow them to care for the environment even while meeting their transportation needs.


Commuters coming to campus from suburban locations can take advantage of Metro Transit’s many free Park-and-Ride lots. Just drive yourself to a lot, park your car, and take the bus or light rail the rest of the way to campus. You pay less for gas and parking, create less wear and tear on your vehicle, and lessen your impact on the environment by reducing the number of vehicles on the road for part of your commute.


With the wide range of people who are part of the Augsburg community, there’s probably someone who lives near you. The Department of Public Safety offers carpool parking permits for those who are willing to share vehicles; these permits are cheaper and you even get a guaranteed parking spot!

Metro Transit can help you find someone to share a ride with; just sign up for the Rideshare program to get started. (See link below.)

Car-sharing (HOURCAR)

Need a car occasionally, but not all the time? Car-sharing programs may be a good solution for you. These programs allow members to “check out” a vehicle by the hour or by the day from designated parking locations around the Cities. It’s a great option for students going shopping, staff going off-campus for lunch, and anyone who wants the option of a vehicle for short trips.

HOURCAR — one of the car-sharing companies in the Twin Cities — has a┬áhybrid vehicle parked right on Augsburg’s campus! HOURCAR members enjoy the convenience of a vehicle available within a short walk. Members of the surrounding neighborhoods will also make use of this vehicle, available within their own community. .

Fuel-efficient & biodiesel vehicles

Commuters who must drive their own vehicles can make a difference too! A well-maintained vehicle will get better gas mileage and put fewer pollutants into the air, so be sure to have your car checked at regular intervals.

If you’re in the market for another vehicle, consider one with high fuel efficiency. Or, take a look at hybrids — the less fuel used, the fewer pollutants. There may even be some tax breaks involved in the purchase of a hybrid vehicle.

Biodiesel is another alternative option that has been gaining support and popularity in recent years.  More and more stations are supplying biodiesel across the U.S., making it much more feasible for consumers to make the switch.

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