An HOURCAR hub has been established at Augsburg College for the convenience of the Augsburg community and surrounding neighborhoods. President Paul C. Pribbenow authorized funding to keep the hub active at Augsburg to foster alternative transportation options for college faculty and staff, and to provide the service to nearby neighborhood citizens who might not otherwise have the option.

It is hoped that Augsburg faculty, staff and students will take advantage of this option to augment routine commuting via public transit. People who use public transit for their daily commute will have use of this car for campus business that requires a vehicle.

HOURCAR manages the use of the vehicle, which is parked in the lot at Riverside Avenue and 23rd Avenue South. Future talks with HOURCAR will work towards a special membership program for Augsburg Departments who wish to sign up as a group for a “campus business only” membership.

For more information about HOURCAR, membership details, registration or explanations about how to use HOURCAR vehicles, please visit the HOURCAR web site.