Latin American Student Services

hlss_mainAugsburg College is a private, four-year college of liberal arts and sciences, located in the heart of the Twin Cities, that offers a high-quality education in a multicultural environment. Students benefit from a number of scholarships, grants, loan programs, and work-study, based on financial eligibility and academic achievement. Augsburg seeks a diverse student population and provides services and support to students of color through four multicultural programs.

In 1993, Augsburg College created the Hispanic/Latino Student Services program to provide students of Hispanic/Latino or Chicano background with the support and encouragement to successfully complete a bachelor or a master’s degree. In collaboration with other programs, it offers to local and international students individualized attention in areas including assistance with admissions, financial aid, registration processes, academic advising, personal counseling, and advocacy. All students receive assistance with internship, employment, and community referrals.

The Hispanic/Latino Student Services program works closely with student programs at the College and with external organizations that help students in their pursuit of higher education. Among its campus celebrations are Cinco de Mayo, Minnesota Hispanic Heritage Month, and a Latino Homecoming Reception.

What students find at Augsburg

Liberal arts and sciences undergraduate programs, plus four graduate programs

Professional and pre-professional programs

Over 50 majors from more than 20 academic departments

Student-designed majors, either on the Augsburg campus or in conjunction with a consortium of five private colleges

Individual attention from faculty and advisers (the average class size is 19; student/faculty ratio is 16:1

Academic and personal counseling services, Strong financial aid programs, Mentoring, tutoring, and community service programs

Study abroad opportunities

Attractive, secure living environments

17 intercollegiate sports and intramural sports programs

Friendly campus community with numerous social activities

Over 50 student organizations on campus

A place away from home, but close to home

Affordable and accessible metro transportation

Weekend College program designed for working adults