In addition to the scholarships awarded to you at the time of admission, you can apply to other Augsburg and outside scholarships to help you manage the cost of your college education.

The office of Latin@ student Services supports you through your application process and can refer you to the most appropriate on/off campus resource.


Latino Leadership Scholarship

This $2,500 renewable scholarship is awarded annually to 10 returning Latin@ students with a demonstrated record of or potential for leadership in the communities they are part of, be it on or off campus. The application deadline is April 1st of each year and the application form for 2015-16 will be available here no later than Feb. 1st 2015.

Note: Un/DACAmented students are highly encouraged to apply. Promise Grant and Presidential Scholarship recipients are not eligible for this award.


Scholarships are awarded to students for a number of reasons including leadership, financial need, merit, area of study and other. The following is a list of some scholarships that Latin@ students at Augsburg College have received both prior and after beginning their college journey.


Research: Voltea las piedras. That’s right, don’t leave stone unturned and rock uncovered. You can learn about scholarships online, through your friends, asking staff and faculty, in your faith and volunteering communities, at work, and -of course- at the office of Latin@ Student Services. However, beware of scams, no legitimate scholarship application will ask you to pay an application fee.

Ask: If you are unsure about whether you meet all of the requirements of the scholarships you are interested in, contact each scholarship program. If the answer is:”No,” you can focus on the next opportunity.

Plan: Completing a scholarship application takes time. Familiarize yourself with the application deadline and set your timeline for when you will complete the essays, request recommendation letters and secure additional forms (academic transcript, financial aid award letter, etc).

Try again: Yes, it is true that one can feel disappointed when receiving a denial letter or no letter at all. Own your feelings, but don’t let them hold you back. There is a community around you ready to give you feedback, write another letter(s) of recommendation, and point you in the direction of new scholarships.

Thank: A word of agradecimiento to the people who supported you through your scholarship application as well as those who awarded you a scholarship is very important. A short but genuine handwritten card, e-mail, phone call or in person conversation will not only let people know you appreciate their support, but will keep your network available for future requests.

Share: Know about a great scholarship/grant out there? Let friends, peers and your support community know about it so others who are a good fit can also pursue opportunities that help them stay in school and graduate, too.

Si se puede!