Center for Leadership Studies

center_mainThe Center for Leadership Studies (CLS) is the departmental home for the MA in Leadership (MAL) Program. The MAL is the centerpiece of the Center’s activities.

CLS and Augsburg’s Christensen Center for Vocation co-sponsor “Called to Lead,” a workshop series that explores calling, vocation, and one’s role as a leader. It is designed to help participants build a network of mutual support and an internal base to ground them as they use their gifts to lead with integrity. Other workshops are offered for the community and special groups throughout the year.

In addition, the Center offers workshops each year on various aspects of leadership which are open to students, alumni, and the community.

The Center also has developed the MAL Endowment Fund in order to provide for Augsburg’s continuing activities in leadership. An alumni board is involved actively in the development of the endowment, the planning of workshops, and in other activities.

Contact Jolee Lilja in the MAL Program office at 612-330-1150 or email for more information on the Center for Leadership Studies.

Here is an example of a recent leadership workshop, which was held on October 10, 2013. Information about our spring offering will be available soon.

Exploring your Leadership Style: Discover your Information Processing Preferences


I Opt is a leadership assessment tool used in professional development that will help you understand how you gather, process and act on the information that is all around you. This shapes your leadership style. To effectively lead others, it is helpful to understand the strengths and vulnerabilities of your own approach.

Prior to the workshop, participants will complete a short  online survey (less than ten minutes). The results of this survey will be used to generate a personalized report that each participant will receive at the workshop. These Advanced Leadership Reports identify information processing preferences, providing insights into issues that people bring with them everywhere they go. Tom Morgan, a certified I Opt interpreter, will explain the I Opt theory and help you get the most out of your individual report. Morgan is a professor of business and leadership studies at Augsburg College.