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Integrated Hybrid Model

MAL-Hybrid-Cohort-students-explore-the-Cedar-Riverside-communityThe Master of Arts in Leadership program can be completed in two years with a combination of intensive face-to-face sessions and online coursework through the Integrated Graduate Studies model. This distinctive Augsburg program features deep learning experiences and a schedule tailored to the needs and demands of adult students.

Connect with the city and its leaders

At the launch and mid-point of the program, you will attend an intensive face-to-face course that will allow you to deeply explore leadership topics while connecting with your learning community.  During the five-day on-campus launch experience, you will meet with leaders from the neighborhoods surrounding Augsburg.  The schedule for the midpoint intensive may include a global study option.

Connect the classroom to your life

The remainder of your coursework will be completed online and supported by three on-campus sessions per term (see integrated MAL curriculum). This convenient schedule allows you to work at a time and place that best fits your lifestyle.

Connect with a community of learners

You will complete the MAL integrated studies program with a cohort of your peers representing many different organizational and personal leadership perspectives. Not only will you learn from each other, you will also build relationships that will provide support throughout your program and a valuable network for the future.

Integrated Hybrid Cohort Schedule

The MAL Integrated Graduate Studies model is a cohort program. Students move through the program together and will complete the following courses:

Year one

Summer experiential course (August)

Launch Intensive — ML 512 Responsible Leadership for the 21st Century (1 course)

Fall Semester

ML 520 Self-Identity and Values: Keys to Authentic Leadership (1 course — hybrid format)

ML 535 Organization Theory and Leadership (1 course — hybrid format)

Spring Semester

ML 505 Foundations of Leadership (1 course — hybrid format)

ML 553 Design and Leadership (1 course — hybrid format)

Summer Session One

ML 563 Leadership in a Global Society (1 course — hybrid format)

Year Two

Summer Session Two

Summer experiential course (ML 577) OR an alternative MAL elective

ML 577 Universal Responsibility and Leadership: A Nicaraguan Experience (1 course)

Fall Semester

ML 514 Research Methods (1 course — hybrid format)

ML 574 Strategic Leadership (1 course— hybrid format)

Spring Semester

ML 580 Colloquium of Contemporary Theories of Leadership (1 course — hybrid format)

Summer Session Three (spans Summer Sessions One and Two)

ML 585 Integrating the Theory and Practice of Responsible Leadership (1 course — hybrid format)

MAL Hybrid Cohort students explore the Cedar-Riverside community and surrounding area to meet with local leaders.