Integrated Hybrid format

Overview of Integrated Hybrid Cohort Format

A combination of online, classroom, and experiential learning

The integrated hybrid model is completed in two years with a combination of intensive face-to-face sessions and online coursework. Students complete the program with a cohort of peers representing many different perspectives. Students learn from each other and build relationships that will provide support throughout the program and a valuable network for the future.


After starting with a five-day summer experience, classes meet on a semester schedule September through mid-April (fall and spring semesters) and mid-May through mid-August summer semester). Coursework will be online and supported by three on-campus class sessions per term.


  • *ML 505 – Foundations of Leadership
  •  ML 512 – Responsible Leadership for the 21st Century (Intensive)
  • *ML 514 – Research Methods
  •  ML 520 – Self-Identity, Values, and Personal Growth
  •  ML 523 – Leading Authentically
  •  ML 553 – Design and Leadership
  •  ML 563 – Leadership in a Global Society
  •  ML 574 – Strategic Leadership
  •  ML 577 – Universal Responsibility and Leadership: A Nicaraguan Experience (or alternative elective)
  • *ML 580 – Colloquium of Contemporary Theories of Leadership
  • *ML 585 – Integrating the Theory and Practice of Responsible Leadership (Capstone Course)

* Core courses offered in the integrated hybrid format (required for all students)

A sequenced list of seven electives is prepared for each cohort. In the cohort program, students complete 11 courses, including a capstone course (ML 585).