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Leadership Minor Testimonials

LST 205 Testimonials

Read what the students had to say!


This was without a doubt my favorite class of the semester! I found myself learning as much from my classmates as from my professors. I highly recommend this class to everybody, no matter what your major is.

Alec Fredrickson


The best part of the course for me was the people in it. I learned so much about leadership from my peers and was constantly inspired by their stories, their work, and their aspirations. Leadership exists across all fields, so while we were a hodgepodge of seemingly dissimilar students, that made the course all the more worthwhile.

Samantha Coy, Communications Major, 2017


LST 205 is a class that changed my way of seeing the world. As a very diverse group, we challenged each other way of thinking. I would totally recommend this class because I can guarantee anyone that it will challenge their thinking and they will enhance their leadership skills.

BK Kormah


LST 205 isn’t just a class you take, it’s a small network that you build over the course of the semester. I can’t say I’ve ever taken a course that helped me develop so much as a leader, while getting the opportunity to have my peers grow with me along the way. If you don’t take this class you are really missing out on a great opportunity!

Colin Andrew Skerrett Biology Major, Leadership Studies Minor.


LST 205 is a class that gives students an opportunity to learn from each other and professors in an intimate and constructive environment. This type of learning allowed for me to learn a lot about myself as a leader and apply content to my own life.

Ryan Moore, Communication Arts/Literature Major, Secondary Education Licensure, and Leadership Studies Minor


It was a privilege for me to be able to participate in the Leadership class last fall. The instructors are SUPERB and the class itself is informative. As students we were encouraged to reflect on others leadership styles as well as our own. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in enhancing their leadership skills.

Patricia Arcoren


Introduction to Leadership Studies class helped expand my original definition of what leadership was to me. I am aware now that my leadership style is spiritual leadership meaning to serve the greater good, this class will help you find yours.

Kitana Holland, Sociology Major, 2019