Elective Courses and Concentrations

MBA Elective Courses and Concentrations

The Augsburg MBA degree requires the successful completion of 11 required courses and two elective courses, a total of 13 courses.  The two electives are chosen from the courses listed below.  You can choose courses in the same disciplines, for example two courses in finance.  You can also choose courses from different disciplines, for example one from finance and one from marketing.

Students who are interested in adding a concentration will need to take three elective courses from one discipline, for example, three courses in finance. A concentration can offer a competitive edge in a specific career field or, in some cases, it may assist students in achieving professional certification or accreditation.

Availability of elective and concentration courses is dependent on student interest.


MBC 532 – Investment Theory and Portfolio Management

MBC 535 – International Finance

MBA 599 – Special Topics: Finance Project (only available to students pursuing a concentration)


MBA 596 – Managing Innovation

MBA 576 – Project Management

MBA 599 – Special Topics: Operations


MBA 599 – Special Topics: Marketing Research

MBA 599 – Special Topics: Strategies in E-Marketing

MBC 552 – Marketing Communications

International Business (not available Summer 2014)

MBA 599 – Special Topics: Strategies in Global Marketing

MBA 599 – Special Topics: International Logistics

MBA 599 – Special Topics: Feasibility Project

Health Care Management

MBC 547 – Human Resource Issues in Health Care

MBC 537 – Health Care Financing

MBA 593 – Health Care Operations Management