Social Entrepreneurship Certificate

The Social Entrepreneurship Certificate will expose students to the skills, knowledge, and perspectives necessary to pursue social impact entrepreneurially, effectively, and pragmatically. The program has been designed to serve those students who aspire at some point in their lives to be social entrepreneurs, executives in social-purpose organizations, philanthropists, board members, or leading volunteers in their communities and the social sector. The certificate program will also appeal to students interested in incorporating strategies for social impact into their business and entrepreneurial careers.

Students wishing to earn a Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship will complete five graduate-level courses. Courses include some that focus on the use of business/entrepreneurial skills for social impact in different contexts; others that focus on skills and knowledge from the MBA, Masters in Social Work or Master of Arts in Leadership that are particularly relevant for the effective pursuit of social impact; others that focus on field or industry-specific knowledge; and others that provide opportunities for students to gain practical experience in the social sector.

Two Social Entrepreneurship Courses (required):

MBA 583 – Social Entrepreneurship I: Execution, Planning and Strategy for Social Innovation-based Ventures

MBA 584 – Social Entrepreneurship II: Advanced Topics and Practice in Social Entrepreneurship

or MBA 581, 582 – Management Consulting Project I, II

MBA 599 – Special Topics: Non-Profit Finance, Funding and Enterprise

Two Electives from the following courses:

MBA Focus:

MBA 592 – Leadership: Ethics, Vision and Transformation

MBA 545 – Organizational Behavior

MBA 550 – Marketing Management

MBA 595 – Strategic Management

(or other director approved electives)