Summer Residency Reading Schedule

MFA Summer Residency July 23 to Aug. 2.

All on campus at 7:30 p.m.  Venues to be posted

Friday,  July 24,  Performance Pieces by Nicole Brending, Heid Erdrich, & Sarah Myers

Saturday, July 25, Creative Nonfiction:  Sue William Silverman and CNF Mentors Jack El-Hai & Cary Waterman

Sunday, July 26,  Graduating Writers

Monday, July 27, Howling Bird Book Launch!  Book Prize Winner Poet Marci Vogel

Tuesday, July 28, Fiction: Helene Wecker and Fiction Mentors

Wednesday, July 29Playwriting:  Carson Kreitzer

Thursday,  July 30, Screenwriting:  Ken Rance

Friday, July 31,  Graduating Writers

Saturday, Aug. 1, Traditional Open Student Reading

Additional Details Coming Soon!

Past Tense: April, 2015

Great Twin Cities Poetry Read

AWP Women’s Caucus Reading at Augsburg

AWP Women’s Caucus Reading. Award winning poets Joy Harjo and Heid E. Erdrich will read at this year’s AWP Women’s Caucus Session. Joy Harjo is the author of seven books of poetry and the memoir, Crazy Brave.  She received the William Carlos Williams Award from the Poetry Society of America. Heid E. Erdrich is author of four poetry collections, including Cell Traffic: New and Selected Poems. She received the Nimrod/Hardman Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry.

Augsburg Mentors at AWP April 9-11

The annual AWP Conference, Minneapolis Convention Center, April 8-11, with Augsburg MFA Mentors participating in several events:

– Thursday, April 9, 10:30-11:45a, Room 101 J, Level 1 – Robert Bly and the Minnesota Writers’ Publishing House.  Panelists, including Cary Waterman, will discuss their experiences with the House and Bly’s influence and will read from their chapbooks.

– Friday, April 10, noon-1:15p, Room L100 B&C, Lower Level – Creative Writing as Job Training.  Can we move beyond corporate rhetoric and demonstrate that creative writing is a marketable 21st-century skill? (Panelists include Cary Waterman.)

– Friday, April 10, 1:30-2:45p, Room 208 C&D, Level 2 – A Tribute to Gerald Vizenor. Anishinaabe writers will read selections from Gerald Vizenor’s vast body of work and reflect on how this elder statesman of Anishinaabe literature influenced and supported their own work. (Panelists include Heid Erdrich.)

– Saturday, April 11, 9-10:15a, Room 208 A&B, Level 2 – Re: Searching, Or: Don’t Write What You Know. Panelists, including Stephan Eirik Clark, will explore ways that research has enhanced their short stories and novels, including writing that is based on historical events, connected to their own life experiences, or entirely remade in their imagination.

– Saturday, April 11, 9-10:15a, Room 200 H&I, Level 2 – Morphing from 2D to 3D: Teaching Multimodal Creative Writing.  Panelists, including Sarah Myers, share extra-­textual CW assignments: Students photograph their fiction, push plays off­stage, bake literary analyses into cakes, cross CNF with social media, take to the streets with guerrilla poems. Students embody texts and texts expand off­page.

– Saturday, April 11, 1:30-2:45p, Room 101 F&G, Level 1 – Video Poems and Cross­Genre Collaboration: A Conversation and Screening with Louise Erdrich, Heid E. Erdrich, and Trevino Brings Plenty. The panelists see collaboration across genre as a hallmark of indigenous aesthetic and an emerging movement in American literature.

– Saturday, April 11, 3-4:15p, Room 200 H&I, Level 2 – Byte by Byte: Teaching Creative Writing Online. Five writers—who teach online in a public university, a community college AFA, an arts nonprofit, and in private BFA and MFA low-­residency programs–offer a candid and guided tour of the online creative writing classroom. (Panelists include Cass Dalglish.)