MSW/MA Theology Dual Degree

Dual Degree in Social Work and Theology (MSW/MA, Theology)

Augsburg College’s Department of Social Work (Minneapolis) and Luther Seminary (St. Paul) offer a dual degree: Master of Social Work and Master of Arts in Theology (MSW/MA). The dual degree has been approved by both institutions and by the Council on Social Work Education. If you are interested in combining a Master of Social Work with a Master of Arts in Theology, we recommend you begin the Luther Seminary program first and identify yourself as seeking the dual degree. For application information to Luther Seminary, visit their website at


The dual degree focuses on meeting the educational interests of people planning to serve the spiritual and social needs of families, individuals, and communities in both rural and urban settings. Both institutions have a commitment to social and economic justice and to teamwork in the pastoral and human service settings. This joint program is ecumenical in its admission policies as well as its academic outlook.


Three primary objectives have been established:

  • To educate practitioners in social work and ministry who can combine the values, skills, and knowledge of both theology and social work to serve people in more holistic ways
  • To generate the partnerships necessary to serve the complex needs of communities and people experiencing transition in their lives, including the change of government support for those in poverty
  • To prepare practitioners to seek the strengths of interdisciplinary teams in the human service and pastoral settings.


We recommend that dual degree students enroll in Luther Seminary courses first. Upon completion of this first year of courses, students then enroll in Augsburg courses for a second and third year (full-time). In the dual degree, Luther Seminary offers nine courses which can be completed in one year if pursued full-time. The remaining Luther Seminary course requirements are waived and replaced by the Augsburg MSW curriculum. At Augsburg, dual degree students complete the entire MSW curriculum with the exception of the SWK 699 general elective.

Course Format and Field Practicum

Luther Seminary courses are offered on a weekday schedule and Augsburg College courses are offered on a weekend schedule. The field practicum is incorporated into the Augsburg curriculum and will be in a setting reflective of the dual degree program, such as congregational multidisciplinary teams, nursing home chaplaincy, and social work teams. The Luther Seminary program and the Augsburg College program are both full-time; it is not feasible for students to do both programs simultaneously.

Summary of MSW/MA Theology Dual Degree Requirements:

  • 9 courses at Luther Seminary
  • All required MSW courses at Augsburg College
  • MSW field practica credit hours (see guidelines under field practicum)
  • MSW portfolio or summative evaluation project

Admission to the Dual Degree

It is the responsibility of dual degree students to be aware of application deadlines for both institutions. Applicants must apply to each program separately. Please note: admission to one institution does not guarantee admission to the other.

To request the catalog and application materials, you must contact each program separately. Financial aid is also a separate process.