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How to Audition?

When are auditions held?

There are two opportunities to audition. The first is during Fine Arts Scholarship Weekend, in February, where prospective students have the chance to spend a night with current Augsburg students and audition for the renewable $3,000/year Fine Arts Scholarships. For those who do not audition for the Fine Arts Scholarship, auditions for placement in ensembles will be held during the first week of classes in September.

How do I sign up for an audition slot?

To apply for a Fine Arts Scholarship, prospective students must be admitted to the University and complete the Fine Arts Scholarship application. When all of the forms have been received, the University will contact the student to set up an audition time.  The application process for scholarships can be found here.

If not interested in the Fine Arts Scholarship or the deadline has already passed, look for the sign-up sheet outside the Band and Choir rooms (M2 and M3) in the Music building posted the first day of school and sign up for a time slot.

What should I have prepared?

For the Fine Arts Scholarship weekend:  All auditioning prospective students are asked to prepare solos demonstrating the best of your abilities as a musician.  Audition slots are 5-10 minutes in length but may be lengthened if need be.

At the September auditions, students may be asked to play a short solo piece, sight ready, and/or improvise depending on the ensemble you are auditioning for. Look for details when you sign up for a time slot.


Tips for auditions?

  • Make sure to apply early if seeking a Fine Arts Scholarship.
  • Start preparing NOW and pick something you feel comfortable performing.
  • Do mock auditions in front of your friends and family to get over those nerves.
  • Make sure your instrument is in proper working condition.
  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.
  • For instrumentalists, bring your instrument if you can, otherwise contact the Music Department about the possibility of using an Augsburg instrument.  Percussionists are required to bring their own sticks and mallets; instruments will be provided, however bringing your own snare/cymbals/kick-pedal/etc. is encouraged.

I have more questions, who should I talk to?

If you have questions about the Fine Arts Scholarships or scheduling an audition in the fall – Please feel free to contact the Music Department directly anytime at 612-330-1265 or

If you have specific questions regarding the audition process or repertoire – Please feel free to contact the appropriate faculty member listed below. They would be happy to discuss the process and give recommendations.

Erika Svanoe, instrumental auditions
Mark Sedio, vocal auditions – The Augsburg Choir
Jon Campbell, vocal auditions – Masterworks Chorale, Cedar Singers
Nancy Grundahl, vocal auditions – Riverside Singers
Jill Dawe, piano auditions
Rafael Rodriquez, string auditions
Rafael Rodriquez,  jazz auditions