Courses Offered:

  • NUR 599 Ancient Wisdom and Modern Implications for Healing (Master Level Course)
  • NUR 803 Transcultural Cosmologies + Ancient Healing Practices in England
  • NUR 701-703 Practicum Experiences (Doctor of Nursing Practice Program)
  • NUR 505 P3
  • NUR 532 P2

Duration: This immersion course is typically a 10-12 day experience in April of each year.  Space is limited, so please express your interest in the course by emailing Sharon Wade (wades@augsburg.edu).

Students in the DNP and MAN programs can take this course for practica hours, as a required course, or as an elective.


Faculty Lead: Dr Joyce Perkins (perkinsj@augsburg.edu)

MAN Course Schedule

DNP Course Schedule