Immersion in the City

Courses Offered

  • NUR 411 Community Health II (BSN Completion Program)
  • NUR 410/411 Community Health I and II (BSN Completion Program)
  • NUR 500 P1
  • NUR 505 P1
  • NUR 541 P1
  • NUR 701-703 Practicum Experiences (Doctor of Nursing Practice Program)


This immersion course is offered each semester.  Depending on the course, the number of days of the experience varies.  Usually 411 is usually 6-7 days and 410/411 is 10-11 days.  Because there is only limited space available, please indicate your interest in the course as soon as possible by emailing Sharon Wade (wades@augsburg.edu).   Acceptance into the course will be decided based on multiple factors such as expected student graduation date and prior courses completed.

For the Faculty Led Practicum Courses, (P1-3) please see the program schedule for dates and further requirements.

This experience is only available for Augsburg College nursing students.

Faculty Leads

Katie Clark (clarkk@augsburg.edu)

Ruth Enestvedt (enestved@augsburg.edu)


What Students Are Saying

“Immersion experiences provides knowledge that textbooks or traditional classes cannot capture- I HIGHLY recommend it.”
“Experience of a lifetime!  Don’t be afraid of the person in the tattered clothes begging in the street,  be afraid of what happens if you don’t help.”