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Selection Process


The selection committee looks for a balanced application by reviewing key criteria such as cumulative GPA, science GPA, and direct patient care experience followed by overall academic record, service to underserved (disadvantaged, minority, or under-represented populations), essay responses, knowledge of the profession, fit with the program goals and mission, and recommendation letters.

As the committee completes file review, candidates are selected for an in-person interview. The interviews are generally conducted from September-November. Candidates are invited to campus to meet program faculty, staff, current students, and to tour the facilities.

As interviews are completed, seats in the incoming class are offered. The cohort class will be filled between the months of October and May. A list of alternates will be selected in January to fill seats that accepted candidates may not claim.

Accepted candidates must complete and pass a background check prior to matriculation. Background checks will be repeated several times during the clinical phase as well. PA students who do not pass a background check will not be allowed to proceed to clinical rotation sites and may be dismissed from the program.