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panafrikan_mainThe mission of the Pan-Afrikan Center is to nurture and support all students of Afrikan descent and enhance their educational and personal development through programs and services that promote cultural, historical, and community awareness of Pan-Afrikan people.

Our focus is to assist students in making academic, personal-social and environmental adjustment to Augsburg University and Community life. Pan-Afrikan Center also assists the admissions office in recruitment of Pan-Afrikan students as well as supervising Pan-Afrikan student programming and working with students on leadership development.

Pan-Afrikanism at Augsburg University

Pan-Afrikanism is an intellectual and political movement that grew out of the Afrikan Diaspora. Created through the slave trade, Pan-Afrikanism addresses the natural and spiritual conditions resulting from racism, colonialism, and oppression.

Pan-Afrikanism unites and reunites the cultures of the continent and utilizes the vast diversity of human resources to edify humanity. The use of the “k” in the spelling of Afrika is intentional and represents self-definition.