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Augsburg Asian Student Association

Students affiliated with Augsburg Asian Student Association (AASA) are strongly encouraged to realize their full potential as individuals and scholars by participating in campus co-curricular activities.

AASA’s Mission Statement:
The Augsburg Asian Student Association recognizes, engages, and supports the Asian American community through culturally inclusive programs guided by the Augsburg University mission.

The Augsburg Asian Student Association(AASA) is the student organization closely affiliated with the program. It builds a network of friendship and support for Asian and Asian American students and their peers through various activities. AASA provides opportunities to practice leadership through service on its executive and special committees. Membership in AASA is voluntary and open to any Augsburg University Students.

AASA’s Annual Activities:
General Meetings, Welcome event, Fall Leadership Retreat, Student-Staff-Faculty Reception, Winter Revival Retreat, Pan Asian Week and trips to conferences such as MAASU (Midwest Asian American Student Union) and APAC (Asian Pacific American Conference). To learn more about AASA or in become involved, please contact or like us on Facebook!

Membership 2018- 2019:

Be come a member today! Fill out form here:


AASA 2017-2018 Board Member Bios



Aitana Bell

Name: Aitana Bell (pronounced Ay-tah-nuh)

Position: President

Year: Junior

Major: Biopsychology

Minor: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Bio: Growing up, I was always surrounded by a flourishing and engaging Filipinx community. Once entering the education environment, especially at the collegiate level, I struggled with both my identity and finding any representation of my culture. My goal in AASA is to empower those who are underrepresented or marginalized to strengthen their voice and be unapologetically themselves.

My hobbies include dancing, video games, watching shows/YouTube videos, makeup, anything Harry Potter, anything involving unsolved mysteries, and DOGS <3









Eh Soe Dwe


Name: Eh Soe Dwe (pronounced A-So)

Position: Vice President

Year: Junior

Major: Social Psychology

Minor: Religion; Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Bio: I am passionate about serving my community because it is a big part of my identity. Being one of the underrepresented ethnic groups at Augsburg, I am eager to share about the Karen community; our traditions, values, and beliefs. My goal as the board of AASA is to openly discuss any social issues surrounding the Asian community to our members.

During my free time, I enjoy painting, drawing, exploring different restaurants, and napping.








Houa Thao

Name: Houa Thao

Position: Secretary

Year: Sophomore

Major: Social Work

Bio: One thing that has always stuck with me while growing up was the importance of community. Community has taught me how to be patient, how to be vulnerable, love, supporting those in needs and everything that I needed to know. All of the things that I’ve conquered so far in my life was because of my community. My community has become my purpose and why. As AASA’s secretary this year, I will serve, create a voice, create safe space and teach everything I know to my community along with making your day slightly brighter with my horrible jokes. Remember to stay wonderful and everything is going to be fine.

Aside from AASA and school, I really enjoy cooking, bowling, fishing, hunting, eating, and exploring. I’m currently in my second year participating on the Augsburg University Football Team, Go Auggies!






Linh Nguyen Name: Linh Nguyen

Position: Treasurer

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Minor: Chemistry

Bio: Aside from going to classes and studying for my favorite biology classes, I also found myself passionate with helping the community. Born and raise from Vietnam, I am filled with the Vietnamese culture and beliefs. As part of AASA Core 2018-2019, I want to contribute a part of my tradition to the community and bring us closer to the Vietnamese community.


To get away from school, I love to play volleyball with friends and work at my favorite drug store, CVS pharmacy.








LayLay Zan

Name: Lay Lay Zan

Position: Marketing & Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

Major: Environmental Studies

Minor: Biology & French

Bio: Born in a Thai refugee camp, and growing up in America, I never had the Karen refugee experience. But in 2015 I had the opportunity to live with my family in rural Thailand for a month. This experience increased my understanding of my community, and how important it is that my story and those of the Karen people and its history are told. As a philomath, someone who greatly enjoys learning and studying, I am fueled by my hard work, endless curiosity, and passion for global issues (e.g. environmental, refugees, women’s rights etc.). This year I hope to inspire and educate others about the Asian community, but to also learn and continue to be inspired myself.

In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer, making new dishes, collect and read books, spending time in nature, and learning something new.





Name: Dexieng YangDexieng Yang

Position: Outreach Coordinator

Year: Sophomore

Major: Theatre (focus in Performance, dramaturgy, playwright and directing)

Minor: Business

Bio: The future is now. What we do here will pave a road to what happens tomorrow. I am excited to  become a part of what AASA has offered and hopefully continue by giving my share. The lack of representation within the Asian community on campus or in life, isn’t just my biggest issue but rather the idea that “we don’t care”. We matter and I want to make sure we know that. We have voices and it’s about time we start using them. We have stories, and I want us to share them. We are more than “the modeled minority.” Change isn’t going to happen within this year alone, but I’m going to be a part of that snowball effect to it becoming different.

On a more fun note, I love theatre and have gotten to work with Theatre Mu! Also, I love to sing, write (poems and short stories) as well as water color! I’m not super artsy but when I can pretend I am, I take it on. My favorite animal is an alpaca because it’s tiny and fluffy, also they don’t spit like llamas.





Janet Nguyen

Name: Janet Nguyen (pronounced Juh-Nette)

Position: Historian

Year: Senior

Major: Political science, sociology minor

Bio: I have experience working with food justice and community organizing, college readiness programs like Upward Bound, and peer mentoring at the college level. I’m interested in working more with human rights and public policy, but have found myself becoming more interested and involved in issues revolving around the Asian American diaspora here in Minneapolis, so I’m really excited to be on AASA board!

In my free time, I enjoy cooking new foods and eating good food, Olympic and power lifting, portrait photography, binge watching Youtube videos, and spending time with my partner and younger brother. I’ve moved around quite a bit as a child, but grew up in Chaska, MN. I now live in Minneapolis for school and am really enjoying the experience so far. I’m hoping to make more connections with folks who share similar interests as me!