Global Connections Project

What is the Global Connections Project: Global Connects is a program within the Pan Asian Student Services Office. Every year the program will to take students to volunteer & engage them in experiential service learning. Each project will focus on education and social justice, awareness and advocacy.

June 2010 Australia:

The Asian Women’s Circle Group (AWCG) at Augsburg, in collaboration with the Pan Asian Student Services, went on an educational trip to Australia for winter 2009-2010.

There about 2500 Hmong living in Australia. It has been over 30 years since the end of the Indo-china wars (Vietnam War) and the migration of Hmong refugees to Australia. Yet over 90% of the Hmong still live below Australia’s poverty rate and high school graduations remain extremely low.

A group of 10 Hmong students researched and examined Australia’s social, political, and educational systems and how they affect the Hmong communities contributing to the high poverty rate.

2010-2011 Cambodia Project

This winter, students will participate in building sustainable schools and orphanages.

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