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Hmong Women Together

Hmong Women Together is a chartered student organization at Augsburg University that has been operating for four years.

Mission Statement: It is the purpose of Hmong Women Together to create and sustain a supportive environment to connect, empower, and educate Hmong women and their allies to discover and explore different aspects of their cultural identities.

Our previous accomplishments, events, and participation include

Winning 1st place for the 2016 Homecoming Decoration and getting awarded the 2016 – 2017 Augsburg Social Justice organization and 2015 – 2016 Augsburg Rising Student Organization of the Year.

Some of our previous events are the Traditional Hmong Gender Switch Role, 1985 Screening, Care Packages at the end of each semester, Hmong Spirituality and having Author Kao Kalia Yang speak about her award-winning book, The Song Poet.

We previously participated in the Augsburg Pan Asian Week, Pan Asian Student Banquet, and the 18th Hmong National Development Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   


To learn more or get involved with Hmong Women Together, please email us at or follow us on Facebook!


Board Member Bios

Baoyia Kong




Name: Baoyia Kong

Position: Chair of Marketing

Year: Junior

Major: Social Work

Hopes for Community: I hope to create a safe environment where many individuals in our community are able to grow and embrace their inter-sectional cultures, yet provide a place for them to feel comfortable in their own. I’m excited to partake in Hmong Women Together’s future and I hope to make a huge impact this year and many years to come!




Tshiabli Lili Lee




Name: Tshiabli Lili Lee

Position: Cultural Chair

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

Minor: Political Science

Hopes for Community: I hope to see the Hmong community build and grow as one. To not lose touch of our culture, our traditions and our language. I hope to use my personal experiences and knowledge to encourage others about my Hmong community.


Sunny Thao





Name: Sunny Thao

Position: Membership Coordinator

Year: Junior

Major: Theater

Hopes for Community: I am on the board of HWT, because I want to build HWT into a student organization that will become one of the leading forces to help Hmong Women voices be heard at Augsburg University. My hope is to bring Theater into the urban communities to help youths find their voices in their communities.

Laici Crystal Vue





Name: Crystal Vue

Position: Community Outreach Coordinator

Year: Sophomore

Major: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

Hopes for Community: I joined Hmong Women Together in hopes of creating a space where Hmong women can all come together to encourage, motivate, and appreciate one another’s similarities and differences.

I hope that as the Hmong community in America continues to develop and thrive, we will have the resources and knowledge to go out into the world to reach our hand out and help other Hmong-communities around the world to rise with us.

Sia Xiong






Name: Sia Xiong

Position: Chair of Finance

Year: Junior

Major: Accounting

Hopes for Community: My dream for my community is to help decrease the gang violence that revolves around the Hmong people in the United States. I would create a program or organization that will support and care for the K-12th graders with their education.