About Augsburg

Augsburg College is, a private, university-level educational institution, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was recently named one of the top 125 U.S. cities in which to live.

Augsburg itself is located on 23 acres surrounding a park, a five-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis with easy access to entertainment, sports and cultural events. The campus is adjacent to the University of Minnesota (40,000 students) and one of the area’s largest hospitals.

Founded by Norwegian immigrants in 1869, the College today has 31 academic departments, which offer degrees in 69 fields. Classes are small (average 18) and professors give much individual attention to students.

Approximately 3,000 students attend Augsburg’s day and weekend programs. They represent many ethnic backgrounds—students from 45 countries as well as significant numbers of African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Hispanics.

The College’s facilities include a new library and bookstore, three eating venues and excellent athletic facilities. The eleven major buildings are conveniently connected by a system of tunnels and skyways, providing easy access in winter months and for students with physical disabilities.