European Students Say

“It was the best experience in my life!”

Mari Vaag, Norway

“Studying at Augsburg has made me think more creatively about my career. I hope to one day model my own business after the organization where I did my internship.”

Inger Svinsaas, Norway

“Coming to Augsburg was very good for improving my language skills, and also for seeing how studying in a foreign country differs from studying at home. The best part was the chance to meet so many people from different countries and to learn about other cultures.”

Kai Kässmaier, Germany

“I really liked the library, the computer lab, and all the technology available for students to use. I had very good instructors, and enjoyed every single lesson I had with them.”

Christine Dübler, Germany

“At Augsburg College you are welcomed in a way you have never been welcomed before. They do everything in their power to help you. You learn more than you thought possible, especially about yourself.”

Aase Leikny Juløy, Norway

“The Twin Cities and Augsburg are great places. The best things about my semester were interesting classes, good professors, a very good library and good training facilities in general. The teachers were very helpful, gave me a lot of personal attention and made me feel comfortable in class.”

Ole André Olsen, Norway

Augsburg Students Say

“International Partners provided an opportunity that was beyond all expectation. I was able to shape a ‘tailor-made’ individual study program in Norway that included working with inner-city women in prostitution.

The IP program let me mold a semester where I could learn, work, and explore in an environment I found extremely exciting and it didn’t delay my graduation. Thank you IP!”

Julianne Derry, Women’s Studies major

“My internship in Germany was great! The manufacturing company I worked for has customers all over the world. I was in the export department doing a combination of sales and marketing. Every weekend was busy too. I was lucky to have a host family that liked to travel. So I got to see a lot of Germany.”

Bob Peterson, International Business major


Academic Staff Say

“I’m thrilled to have students from this program. It’s exciting for Augsburg students to gain the perspectives and insights of these young Europeans.”

Susan O’Connor, Education professor, Augsburg College

“I encourage students to choose Augsburg College for study abroad because of the outstanding faculty, the individualized attention, and the location–a culturally diverse urban community that offers unique and rewarding fieldwork opportunities.”

Hans Göran Eriksson, Social Work professor, Sør Trøndelag University College

“I highly recommend the International Partners program. It gives students an excellent opportunity to gain intercultural study and work experience that will benefit their personal careers and be valuable to their employers.”

Eberhard Bappert, Business Information Systems chair, Berufsakademie, Heidenheim

Meet students from Sør Trøndelag University College

usaHi! We’re Lena, Sigrid, Ragnhild and Renate, social work students from Sør Trøndelag University College in Trondheim, Norway.

What’s it like for a European student to study with International Partners at Augsburg College? We absolutely recommend it!

About 900 students live on campus, so you always have people around you, including students from around the world.

Financially, we managed very well. In general everything is a little cheaper, so our money went further. Also, we worked on campus. All international students are guaranteed a campus job-in the canteen, post office, library, offices, etc.

Studying is different in America. You get assignments, journals, and small tests throughout the semester, which means you have to work the whole time. But it also means there’s no big examination stress at the end.

You have to take three courses each semester, which is about ten hours of class per week. That may sound like very little, but there’s more than enough to do. Our fieldwork took an additional ten hours per week. We could choose from different kinds of fieldwork sites, and we usually got jobs in the areas we wanted.

The teachers are very involved and are anxious that we students get as much as possible out of our courses. The classes have only 10-20 students, which means you easily get acquainted with your classmates and have a good relationship with the teachers.

It’s also easy to get acquainted with other international students and American students through the many activities the school arranges. This can be various sports, choir, band, church and social gatherings, movies, carnivals, festivals, and concerts.

There’s no lack of things to do off-campus either. In the city of Minneapolis there are always concerts, museums, theater, cafes and, not least of all, America’s largest shopping mall!