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Internships & Other Opportunities

Augsburg students in Tahrir Square.
Augsburg students discuss the revolution in Egypt with citizens in Tahrir Square.

The study of politics at Augsburg University provides you with the intellectual tools for understanding and taking effective action in regard to the big issues of the day. Classroom learning is combined with experiential learning that encourages civic engagement. Long before it became popular, our department emphasized a broader engagement, through internships and other approaches that allowed students to learn from the world around us.

In recent years, we have continued this tradition, with political activists and government officials coming into our classrooms, and students going off-campus to observe political phenomena directly. Our faculty have taken students to places such as Egypt, New Zealand, Costa Rica, and Kenya, and have also engaged our majors closer to home, with canoe trips down the Mississippi River, where environmental concerns and grass-roots democracy are explained by people directly involved in those issues. Visit the Center for Global Education for more information on some of the many off-campus study opportunities, including study in other countries and in other parts of the U.S.

For students seeking hands-on learning experiences, the Augsburg Political Science major offers a wealth of opportunities. In this section, we list a few of the internship offerings available to our students; many more can be found at the Strommen Center website.