Engaging Current Issues

Augsburg students in Tahrir Square

Augsburg students discuss the revolution in Egypt with citizens in Tahrir Square.

The study of politics at Augsburg College provides you with the intellectual tools for understanding and taking effective action in regard to the big issues of the day. Our field explores the role of authority and power in areas such as human rights, elections, public policy, and war and peace. Our students have the benefit of excellent faculty with expertise in campaigns and elections, immigration and ethnic politics, urban and environmental politics, economic development, comparative and international politics, mass communications, information technology, and public law. Grounded in the diverse and international community around our college, the department directly engages the world and issues around us.

Our majors explore political theories and ethics, investigate political cooperation and conflict, analyze and compare political systems, and develop perspectives on international relations. In the process, they are encouraged to relate insights from other liberal arts disciplines such as philosophy, psychology, economics, history, and sociology to the study of politics.

Providing work in several subfields of political science, the major supplies the breadth appropriate for graduate work in political science, public administration, public policy analysis, law, and other professions. It also serves as a foundation for careers in public service, business, communications, and other fields. Legislative and other internships, as well as significant independent research projects, are within easy reach of Augsburg students in the Twin Cities area. Combined with broad, balanced, and flexible course offerings, these special opportunities enhance the student’s potential for graduate study and a successful career.