Study Abroad Information

Information Provided by Office of International Programs

Augsburg College Study Abroad Programs

There are over 300 programs in over 80 countries for students to choose between. These programs offer Augsburg College credit and meet the Augsburg Experience requirement:

  • Center for Global Education – Namibia, South Africa, Mexico, Central America, Cuba, and the Netherlands
  • International Partners – university programs (in English) in China, Norway, Germany, Finland, and Slovenia
  • Short-term Faculty-led Programs – yearly about 3 run in January and 3-6 in the summer
  • HECUA – Ecuador, Northern Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, and U.S.A.

Affiliated Programs

These programs are approved for transfer credit and the Augsburg Experience requirement. They provide diversity in geographic location and academic discipline.

Non-Augsburg Programs

Students need to seek approval from Augsburg Abroad to do any other programs.

Study Abroad Advising

Students will work with Augsburg Abroad to attend a Group Advising Meeting. This 20 minute meeting will provide the basics needed to start the study abroad process. It is best for students to plan a year in advance especially if planning on a semester or year abroad.

Augsburg Abroad provides advising to select programs, has an application process, and provides administrative support for registration and billing, as well as pre-departure and re-entry support.

Augsburg College Study Abroad Deadlines

October 1 for all Spring Semester programs and Winter Break short-term faculty-led programs

February 1 for all Summer short-term faculty-led programs

March 1 for all Fall Semester and full-year programs, and all Non-Augsburg summer programs

Faculty Role in Advising Study Abroad Students

Study Abroad Credit Agreement Form

This form is required as part of the Augsburg Abroad application to verify that credit can be used toward requirements. The Study Abroad Credit Agreement form lists coruses that the student plans to take abroad and some alternates in case those are not available.

Faculty Advisors approve course substitutions for major/minor requirements and electives. A faculty advisor signature is required even if the students is not doing courses in the major. The Transfer Credit Evaluator in the Registrar’s Office approves all Liberal Arts Foundations courses. The Modern Language Department approves all language courses.

Next Semester Advising and Registration

Students will be abroad when they need to register for the semester following their study abroad. Arrange with the student to have them e-mail you from abroad to release their registration hold. To prepare for this, it is best to do advanced advising for the semester following their study abroad prior to the students’ departure.