ACTC Information

Augsburg College, Hamline University, Macalester College, St. Catherine University, and the University of St. Thomas have joined together in consortium to provide cooperative programs and services for their respective students, faculty, and administrators.

This program is only open to full-time students in the undergraduate Day program.  Students may take ACTC courses to gain new perspectives, get better acquainted with the other schools, or take a specific course or major not offered at Augsburg.

For more information on the program including majors offered at the participating schools, go to the ACTC Website

How to Register for an ACTC course

Follow these steps to register for a ACTC course. Only full-time Day students are eligible. You can take only one course at another institution per term, unless you have filed an official ACTC Major/Minor Declaration. See more information about ACTC majors and minors below.

All ACTC institutions have their own academic calendar which may not align with Augsburg’s academic calendar. 

Click here for the ACTC Calendar

1. Find the course, time and course description. Search the online course schedules at the other schools for the specific course you would like to take.  Print both the course schedule and course description and bring them to the Enrollment Center with your ACTC registration form.

Please note that courses offered at Augsburg must be taken at Augsburg. Exceptions may be made by petition to the Student Standing Committee. Please plan ahead to allow sufficient time to be reviewed by the Committee which meets every two weeks.

2. Fill out an ACTC Registration form. Complete the ACTC Registration Form for Augsburg Students, attach the course description and schedule you printed out from step 1, and bring it to the Enrollment Center. The Registrar’s Office processes these forms with the cooperation of the other schools. Registration can’t be done online.

Additional Step for University of St. Thomas Business Courses 

You need e-mail permission from UST College of Business to register for their courses  such as ACCT, BETH, BLAW, BUSN, DSCI, ENTR, FINC, IBUS, MGMT, MKTG, OPMT, and REAL.

Send a e-mail message to with a subject line Attn: Course Prerequisites. In the message, explain what UST course (Dept/Course Number/Section) you wish to take and the necessary prerequisites you already have taken. The UST College of Business will respond to your message. If they approve your request, print the e-mail response and attach it to your registration form.

Special Considerations

  • Internships and Independent Study courses will require the permission of the Registrar. These options are normally not allowed through ACTC unless required by the major.
  • St Catherine University – only course sections that begin with “D” (traditional day courses) are elegible for ACTC cross registration.
  • Air Force ROTC at University of St. Thomas is not available for ACTC registration.  Instead, go here for UST non-degree registration.

3. Make sure you register during the ACTC open registration period. A professor’s signature is not needed during the open registration period if all prerequisites are met. If you miss the open registration period, you must have the professor’s signature on the registration form and will not be able to add the course until the first day of class of the other ACTC school. Check the official academic calendar at each institution for registration deadlines and semester start/end dates.

ACTC Registration Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office at 612-330-1036 or

4. After your registration is processed, your active courses in Records & Registration will show a place-holder (ex. ACTC Course at Hamline ) until we update our system with all the details about your class.  You will receive an email from the other ACTC school (except from Macalester College) with instructions for accessing email and online course content at their institution.  Students taking ACTC courses at Macalester College should go to the IT Helpdesk in the Humanities Building, Room 314, once they are registered for their ACTC course.

Find a Course

To find courses available at other ACTC institutions, please search the online course schedules available through the links below.

Hamline University Class Schedule | Hamline University

Macalester College Class Schedule | Macalester College

St. Catherine University Class Schedule | St. Catherine University

University of St. Thomas Class Schedule | University of St. Thomas

Declaring an ACTC Major or Minor

Students pursuing an ACTC major or minor are allowed to take more than one course at that institution at a time, but must have the ACTC Major/Minor Declaration on file with the Augsburg College Registrar’s Office first.

Students completing a major or minor at an ACTC institution will need to meet with a faculty advisor from that department who will agree to serve as the student’s adviser and complete an academic plan for the major or minor. If the ACTC major is the student’s sole major, Academic Advising will serve as the Augsburg faculty adviser to review Core requirements, credit minimums, and lift registration holds.

Getting There

Taking an ACTC course requires a fair amount of organization and planning. Before you decide to register for an ACTC course, look at the rest of the courses you are planning to register for and figure out your transportation and timing to make sure your schedule is reasonable. Students should allow approximately one hour before and after the course for transportation.

Remember in Spring Semester the ACTC schools have slightly different calendars and some of them continue approximately 3 weeks longer than Augsburg.  You must plan for housing and transportation to cover that gap.

***Please note: The Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities has discontinued shuttle service between campuses.   Review this map for local transit options. For questions about inter-campus transit, contact Vice President of Student Affairs Ann Garvey.


ACTC Grade Conversion

Augsburg students must be aware that other ACTC schools do not issue numeric grades.  Letter grades (A,B,C, D, F) convert directly to Augsburg’s 4.0 point grade scale. Any plus (+) or minus (-) grade will convert to the nearest 0.5 grade.

|     A- or B+ = 3.5     |     B- or C+ = 2.5     |     C- or D+ = 1.5     |     D- = 0.5     |