General Information

Summer Course Offerings

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Eligibility for Summer Courses

Summer Semester is the third term of Augsburg’s academic year.  Course offerings are available primarily for current Augsburg students, but registration is also open to others on a space-available basis.  Persons in good standing at regionally accredited colleges and universities, graduates of such institutions, and students admitted for the next fall term are eligible to register for summer courses.  Good standing implies that the student has been admitted and not subsequently dismissed by that institution.

Guest students registering only for Summer Semester are not automatically granted admission as regular students of Augsburg College.  Those wishing to begin a degree program at Augsburg should apply to the Office of Undergraduate Admission or the Office of Graduate Admission

Augsburg General Education Requirements

Some courses offered in Summer Semester are approved to fulfill general education requirements at Augsburg.  Go here for more information.

Course Levels

The first digit of the three-digit course number indicates the course level. Course numbers beginning with a 1 or 2 are lower division courses and are intended primarily for freshmen and sophomores; course numbers beginning with a 3 or 4 are upper division and are primarily for juniors and seniors.  Graduate-level courses begin with  5, 6, 7, or 8.

Independent Study

Independent study may be arranged in consultation with individual faculty members.  Download the Directed/Independent Study Registration form and obtain the required signatures before submitting it to the Enrollment Center.


In addition to those listed, internship opportunities may be arranged individually during the summer. Academic internships are carefully planned work-based learning experiences, supervised and evaluated by a faculty member. Consult the Strommen Center for Meaningful Work at 612-330-1148 for more information.  Download the Internship Registration form and obtain the required signatures before submitting it to the Enrollment Center.


Students who need housing may contact the Residence Life Office at 612-330-1488