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Opportunities for Congregations

Please join us in this endeavor! Here are some ways you can become involved in the work of the Riverside Innovation Hub at varying levels of commitment.

Attend our events

  • Hub Seminars – Our annual Hub Seminars will be a place to share ideas, and learn from one another as we support each other in our ministry with young adults. These seminars will feature keynote speakers and breakout sessions with lots of time for networking and dreaming.
  • Pop-up Conversations – Our Pop-up Conversations at coffee shops and brew pubs around the Twin Cities will be an opportunity to have less formal conversation around one specific aspect of faith and ministry with young adults.
  • Meet & Greets – Our upcoming Meet & Greets are a great opportunity to come to Augsburg University to hear more about the Riverside Innovation Hub and decide how you might want to become involved. We are offering the same program at two different times.
      • Monday November 13th from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
      • Thursday November 16th from 9:45 a.m. – 11:15 a.m.

Apply to be an Innovative Ministry Partner

Innovative Ministry Partners will be ministry sites committed to a coaching, innovation, evaluation, and dissemination process. We will open the application process for congregations in mid-January 2018. Applications will be accepted through mid-April 2018 and selected congregations invited into the partnership early Summer of 2018.  An Innovative Ministry Partner will . . .

  • Work with the Riverside Innovation Hub for 4 years from the summer of 2018 through the summer of 2022.
  • Year One (summer 2018 – summer 2019): Commit to working 20-hours a week with a Riverside Innovation Hub Young Adult Congregational Coach who will guide your congregation through a year-long process of reimagining its ministry with young adults.
  • Submit a sub-grant proposal at the end of Year One to the Riverside Innovation Hub to receive funds for innovative approaches to ministry with young adults in your context over the following two years.
  • Years Two – Three (summer 2019 – summer 2021): Manage the funds granted to your congregation and implement your plan for engaging young adults in your context in new and innovative ways.
  • Year Four (summer 2021 – summer 2022): Work with the Riverside Innovation Hub to evaluate your two years of work in order to learn what worked and what did not. Congregations will also work with the Riverside Innovation Hub to share our findings through written projects and seminars.
  • Attend regular cohort meetings and trainings offered by the Riverside Innovation Hub throughout your four years of partnership with the Hub.

Stay Connected

To stay up to date on when our application process opens and informed about other opportunities with the Riverside Innovation Hub, join our mailing list and follow our project online and with social media.